NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 19: When betrayal is not betrayal

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Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 19 taught us a rather unfortunate lesson — unless they have a badge, you can’t quite trust anyone within this world.

This week, Sam learned that the hard way when it comes to his old contact King. The two had gotten to know each other a lot over the years but unfortunately, it just so turned out that his old alias was compromised. She had betrayed in him the midst of an investigation into missing cryptocurrency and what that meant in the end was that he was captured. Sam found himself at the mercy of not only King, but also Callen and Deeks, who were looking at the case more from an espionage angle. Meanwhile, Eric also worked his own angle back at the office to try and help figure things out.

Eventually, and as you would expect, the paths all started to cross at the end of the episode when Callen and Deeks were able to find the stolen key-codes to all of the missing Bitcoin. From there, they were able to then concentrate solely on finding Sam — who was in severe danger. Not only was he in danger of dying, but he also in danger of getting his status as a federal agent compromised. The problem with this was that in doing so, his status in future operations would be exposed.

Here’s the twist

As it turns out, King was not a traitor, after all — at least to a certain extent. She wanted to keep some of her criminal colleagues in order to start a new life and she wanted Sam to go along with her. He wasn’t willing to do that. More than that, he wasn’t willing to let King kill all of those people for the sake of her starting over.

Another twist here came when it just so turned out that Sam had been tracking her this whole time, even when she was away and in recovery. He had to make sure that he was prepared for anything, even if that meant betraying her. He ultimately had to reassure her even while she was being put in handcuffs. Mosley promised to do everything that she could in order to help her.

Deeks’ bar dream

We discussed recently whether or not Deeks could leave the team to start a bar — at the moment, we certainly hope that this doesn’t happen. Can’t he start the bar and stay with the team? Isn’t that something that we can wish for?

CarterMatt Verdict

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 19 proved itself to be a really good episode for a number of different reasons, whether it be the King story twists or seeing Deeks struggle with cryptocurrency. We do miss some of the classic team pairings, but at least the new dynamics tonight brought out more surprises.

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