Bosch season 4 episode 7 review: A missing video may hold the key

Bosch season 4Bosch was so sure that Frank Sheehan wasn’t the one to pull the trigger on Howard Elias’ murder, but the evidence is stacked so highly against him at the moment that even if he is innocent, it’s going to be next to impossible to prove it. Frank didn’t have an alibi the night Elias was killed, he ran off when asked to come into the station to give a statement, he threatened Elias on video during a deposition, and ballistics have matched the bullet to Frank’s service weapon – it’s not looking good for Frank.

Is Frank really guilty?

Frank’s arrest is becoming very political now and everyone has a different angle they want to play. There is a huge protest planned and the protesters want to use the fact that Frank has been arrested, but not charged as a platform that cops are protecting their own. The Mayor wants Frank charged to take the power away from the protesters, and control the narrative of Frank being one bad apple and that this isn’t a bigger problem within the police force. And Bosch mostly wants to figure out how he got this so wrong since he was convinced that Frank wasn’t the guy who pulled the trigger – is it still possible that Bosch was right? The person that is really in the worst position right now through all of this (outside of Frank of course) is actually Irving. He’s starting to suspect that Walker and the Mayor are going to sacrifice him if they have to and he needs to find some sort of upper hand to stop that from happening.

Frank is still standing strong that he didn’t shoot Elias and that this is a frame job and the more Bosch thinks about it he feels that he may be right or that there was an accomplice. Frank had a severe drinking problem, but the shooting was perfectly precise – something isn’t adding up and while Jimmy is convinced they have their guy and wants to wrap it up, Bosch wants to look deeper. Jimmy starts to come over to Bosch’s way of thinking when he finds a second gun hidden in a paint canister at his house, but he’s not convinced. Bosch on the other hand is starting to think that Snyder may be up to something when he goes to evidence and finds that she’s checked out an important piece of evidence that he’s also looking for.

Elias’ big play

It’s discovered that Elias had a video that he was planning to present in court for the Michael Harris trial after he had the police involved in the incident on the stand and it seems that this video was so damaging that it would basically burn the police department to the ground. What’s on this video? Probably the torture, but we suspect that whoever killed Elias knew for sure. Because Harris told Bosch that Elias “felt like he was right there in the room with him” when the torture took place Bosch and Jerry head back to the wrecking yard where it all took place to figure out if there was a camera planted in the bathroom… and there was. The man that runs the wrecking yard had cameras in the washrooms because he hired a lot of ex-cons and he wanted to monitor for drug use. He tells Bosch that he checked the cameras weekly, but that after what happened to Harris he went in to look at it and it was gone. The video it’s self is not necessarily what’s going to ignite the trail to the killer, but instead it’s more so who took it, how it ended up in Elias’ hands and who knew he had it.

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CarterMatt Verdict

If you love Bosch because of it’s intertwining detective work then this was the episode for you. There are so many different aspects at play in between the Elias case, the political games and solving Eleanor’s murder that this was a candy-land for viewers that watch this show just for this aspect. There was still of course moments of Maddie and Bosch working through their grief, but this was mostly Bosch working the clues and chasing down leads. The thing we are mostly interested in with Synder is whether or not she was involved in this murder or if she just wants to prove herself and she’s found a lead.

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