Bosch season 4 episode 6 review: Did Bosch solve the Howard Elias murder?

Bosch season 4After a major character death many shows move on quickly like it never happened, but the aftereffects of losing Eleanor Wish continued to lingered for Bosch and Maddie. It was a brilliant showcase of both Titus Welliver and Madison Lintz and through this tragedy it bonded this father and daughter in a way that most never are.

Bosch and Jerry move forward

The first half of this season had Bosch and Jerry in an awkward place in their relationship, but the death of Eleanor has brought them back together (as tragedies often do). Even though Eleanor’s death is not Bosch’s case he and Jerry are still working it the best they can on their own, digging into the trail of pictures, voicemails and texts sent to her cell phone. Their biggest lead is the picture of Chen that Eleanor took at the poker game gone awry thinking that Chen made her for FBI and had her killed. Turns out Chen is a Chinese national and Bosch sniffing around could easily jeopardize the case that Eleanor gave her life for, so he decides to leave Chen in the hands of the FBI and Jerry and Bosch look to find out who the shooters were starting with the dealer (Tiffany) that set up the game for Eleanor. They still haven’t really talked much about what happened between them and when Jerry brings it up saying that he needs to be fully informed on everything, Bosch still isn’t willing to let Jerry in all the way. At least they are working together – it’s a start.

Is Frank Elias’ killer?

Now that Frank has money and what he needs to disappear we aren’t exactly sure why he decided to go back to his ex-wife’s house – why take that risk? He wanted to get a gun (why couldn’t he have just gotten one from Drake?) and to say goodbye to his ex-wife and son (is that really worth getting caught over?). We suspected that at this point Frank just wanted to get caught or end this whole thing in some way.

As the police close in on the house, Frank calls Bosch and tells him that he will kill himself if they don’t back off. Confident that he won’t do himself any harm, Bosch agrees with Frank that his wife should be allowed to leave the house and once there are eyes on her getting into her car, Frank decides to try to leave himself, but there are too many eyes on him. When they catch up with Frank, Bosch is able to convince him to put his gun down and let him help prove that Frank didn’t kill Elias. The one thing that Bosch is really depending on right now to clear Frank are the ballistics, but when the report comes back it is a match to Frank’s service weapon. Bosch was so convinced that Frank was innocent that he even convinced us and even now we aren’t completely sold on it (Jimmy is though!).


We have seen that the Korea Town Killer is still on the loose this season and while he’s not really focusing on murder as much anymore, he’s still robbing everyone he can. What’s different this time is that after he snatched a phone off a woman’s table he ended up getting hit by a car and is knocked out cold when Grace shows up on the scene. Remember that the police force thinks they’ve already caught KTK last season, so they may not be able to connect the dots thinking that this is a closed case – however when they find a gun close to him, it’s enough to raise Grace’s suspicion.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The highlight of the episode for us was the conversation in the closing minutes between Bosch and Maddie (really their whole relationship has been the highlight this season). We always knew that Eleanor was the one that got away for Bosch but After Maddie picked up the contents of her mom’s security box and found it full of memories of Bosch and Maddie we saw that Eleanor felt the same. One choice that Bosch and Eleanor made changed their whole lives and broke them apart. It was nice to see just how much Bosch was still in her heart right up until the end and even after death.

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