Timeless season 2: Three ways to get the NBC series even more buzz

Timeless season 2 key artHow can Timeless season 2 finds itself even more promotion? We find ourselves wondering this question at a time in which the ratings need a little bit of a bump. Despite getting off to a solid start that had us optimistic for its future, Timeless has since fallen down a few pegs — ultimately to a point in which there are now questions regarding its renewal / cancellation odds.

How can this be turned around? There are certainly things that NBC can be doing as a network — yet, at the same time there are also things that we can all be doing more as viewers.

1. More on-network promotion in general – While there are previews that air every now and then on the network, we’d love to just see a larger amount of them — and, to go along with that, some more opportunities to see the show get some airtime during some of NBC’s biggest broadcasts. While titans like This Is Us are no longer on the air there should be more reminders for viewers of The Voice that this show, which used to air after it, is still out there for viewing!

As for some other things that the network could choose to utilize, we’d love to see them emphasize a little more of the humor and the fun. This is a show that does provide some serious drama, but plenty of the lighthearted escapism that many viewers likely need at this point.

2. Repeat airings – Next Wednesday, there is no new episode of Law & Order: SVU on the air. The same goes for Chicago PD. Why not take advantage of this chance to air a Timeless repeat and get the series a little more buzz? We know that these shows perform better in the repeats than a series like Timeless likely would, but their fates are set (in theory, it’s not official) for next season. Meanwhile, Timeless needs the extra love.

3. From the viewer end – Obviously, everyone should keep doing what they’re doing with recommending the series and watching episodes online / via their DVRs if they are not able to watch live. Beyond that, though, having custom hashtags to spark up the Trending Topics list is always effective (SVU does this every week), as is organizing specific campaigns to get the attention of NBC and hopefully new viewers. Many people out there will click on trending topics if they don’t know what they mean. If someone sees one that is Timeless-related, you never know: There’s a chance to recruit a new viewer or two!

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