Chicago Fire season 6 episode 19 review: Otis’ struggle; Kidd’s decision

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 19Tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 19, there was a pretty important question that was worth asking almost from the get-go: Did Cordova steal some money at the scene of a fire?

It did make a certain degree of sense for Casey and Boden to have some suspicion towards him. As the newbie member of the team, it was easier to look at Cordova as a possible suspect; to go along with that, he abandoned Stella at the scene of the fire to chase what he claimed was a “ghost” at the scene of the fire. While Casey was at first super-suspicious, over time it started to become clear that Cordova was telling the truth — there was someone else apparently at the scene of the fire, someone who could have taken the money and then hauled it away.

After the Firehouse 51 crew arrived at the scene, eventually what they figured out was that Cordova was right. To go along with that, Casey had nothing but high praise for him and was going to recommend to HQ that he stay so long as the spot was open. Ultimately, though, Cordova decided himself that he was ready to move on — the announcement came completely out of the blue, though, and that was actually fairly suspicious.

Here is the big twist: Otis isn’t sure he can come back. As a matter of fact, he told Casey that he didn’t want to be a burden and if he continued to not show positive signs, he was ready to try and concede his spot.

The state of Stella and Severide

While these two have made a lot of headway in their relationship, tonight did present a big step back in the form of Severide’s history — think in terms of his previous marriage. She was shocked that she didn’t know about that and so many other people did; with that, it posed another important question as to whether or not there were some other things that she was in the dark on when it comes to his life. This eventually prompted her to ask Herrmann if his apartment was still available.

Stella later went and told this to Severide, who seemed stunned. Yet, we understand precisely where she was coming from. She wants to take things slow to make sure there are no mistakes.

Did Otis succeed this time?

In the closing minutes of the episode we saw him preparing for what was going to be the biggest test of his entire life. Alas, we don’t know at present the results.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a great, powerful episode of Chicago Fire that, despite the obstacles, made us more confident about the future of Severide and Kidd.

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