Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 20 review: The horrifying Harper Avery reveal

Grey's Anatomy season 14Coming into Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 20, it was clear that we were going to have an hour of television ripe with comedy. After all, this installment kicked off Arizona accidentally giving pot cookies via a patient to many of the on the show.

Where things went from here, meanwhile, was in a rather interesting direction. For example, Jackson and Catherine went from being high as a kite during a presentation to fighting over what happened with Harper Avery and his history of sexual harassment. The moment that Jackson learned that his mother was responsible for covering up some of his past actions, he was understandably livid. Things, unfortunately, went from bad to worse for the two as the episode progressed.

As for Meredith, this week she spent a good bit of time with Jo doing something that is essential to her work as a doctor: Being a mentor. She helped Jo not only when it comes to taking on an operation, but giving her patient a better quality of life. Meredith also tried to help out April and Miranda, who clearly ate a few too many of the pot cookies for their own good.

It wasn’t until near the end of the episode when Meredith learned the truth about Harper Avery and it was fairly devastating. She had worked for most of her life to be able to get to the point where she could win that award; then, to find out that its namesake was a sexual abuser was a dagger. She then learned even more, including that Harper paid off women in exchange for their silence.

Then, the big bomb was dropped: Marie Cerone was one of the women harassed. That’s why her name wasn’t on Ellis’ method. Jackson and Catherine did their best to contain the reveal as best they could … but then the press found out about it.

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Owen’s adoption goals

As for later on in this episode, we had a chance to see Owen start to experience some of what it was like going through the adoption process — and it, of course, was adorable. He had some help from Alex, who knew a thing or two about the fostering process, and then also Amelia. We do think that this experience really did inform the Owen – Amelia relationship, including that Amelia may be more excited to be a mother someday than she may have recently thought.

CarterMatt Verdict

This Grey’s Anatomy was fun at times but also terrifying in others. How did it take so long for someone like Jackson to learn the truth about Harper Avery? It’s fair to say that moving forward, things may be very different when it comes to how the hospital feels about Harper Avery, his prestigious award, and all of that money.

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