NCIS season 15 episode 21 review: Reeves, Abby’s shocking ending

NCISIf you are a fan of Pauley Perrette’s Abby Sciuto then make sure you have your tissues ready as tonight’s episode of NCIS marks her second last episode ever. We still have a few episodes to go before we get to the season 15 finale, but Abby is going to be leaving the show in just one weeks time. Tonight we are looking at the start of a two episode arc leading towards Abby’s exit.

One of the storylines for this episode revolves around a new hot restaurant called The Cooler where everything is made of ice and it’s so exclusive that Oprah can’t even get a table. That doesn’t stop Torres from staying on hold with them to try to get a reservation while everyone else in the office is fielding a mass influx of calls to the station. Things get even more interesting when Abby gets “randomly selected” by The Cooler to have dinner there for her and a guest. (Unfortunately, this episode had a sad cliffhanger ending — one that makes us wonder if Reeves is dead. More on that later.)

What we saw in the aftermath of Abby’s surprise Cooler invitation was her becoming the most popular person at the office — everyone from McGee to Bishop to Jimmy chose to come to her lab bearing a wide array of gifts in order to win her over.

As for the case of the week tonight, much of that revolved around Sara Carter, a woman who got herself arrested outside of NCIS for the sole purpose of figuring out how to get Gibbs to take a further look at the case of her deceased mother Mae. Eventually, he did, but trying to figure out precisely what happened was no easy task. As a matter of fact, it looked like it was Sara who actually had more of a motivation for killing her mother than anyone.

This was a case that really appealed to Clayton Reeves in particular, given the fact that he has spent a lot of his time looking to help homeless veterans. He was able to uncover that Sara was struggling from a traumatic brain injury and didn’t have a consistent home. She also lied as to where she was going. The problem that Gibbs and the rest of the team started to run into here was that a number of different parts to the case didn’t line up and prescription drugs seemed to be very much involved.

This is when the case of Sara and Clayton’s efforts ended up playing into what was going on with Abby. He wanted Abby to talk to Sara because she had a big heart and could reach her. Yet, what we ended up seeing Sara’s son call Reeves so he could run and help her.

After the phone call Abby did end up looking after Sara’s son while Reeves did his best in order to speak with her. Eventually, we did uncover that this entire mystery did stem back to the drug trade — Mae was killed largely because of what she knew. She wanted to help Sara and ended up paying the price because of it.

In the closing seconds tonight, it turned out that Reeves ended up convincing Sara to stay at the home for veterans that he recommended. Meanwhile, Abby ended up inviting him to dinner at the igloo restaurant — even though he wasn’t openly campaigning for it.

Then, the shocking ending

Is Duane Henry leaving NCIS? Right after Abby and Reeves exited the restaurant, they found themselves at gunpoint. It seems as though Clayton was shot as a means of protecting her … and that’s your cliffhanger.

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As for the promo

Can you see Abby in the hospital? Sure, but the fact that we don’t see Reeves has us even more worried about him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was a very good, powerful episode of the series, but one of the things we didn’t really like is CBS pushing this episode hard as the beginning of Abby’s exit. We got a tease of what could be next in the closing seconds of the episode.

On the flip side, isn’t it nice to have another reminder that Duane Henry is a great actor? We just wish that he got more promotion for this episode since as it is, so much promotion was all about Abby.

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