Bull season 2 episode 20 review: The challenging Kate Martin case

Bull season 2 episode 7Tonight, CBS unleashed on us Bull season 2 episode 20, an installment that absolutely has to go down as one of the most emotional of the entire season. It’s hard to know how else to describe one that kick-started on such a highly emotional note and then continued to press onward from there.

Bull’s client for this week was a woman in Kate Martin who had been the victim of domestic abuse many times over from her husband Brian and eventually, she decided that the only way in which she could get out of the situation was to shoot him. The challenge for Bull and his team was figuring out a way to prove in which the woman felt threatened, even to the point where she needed to kill him in the middle of the night while he was still asleep.

There were so many different issues that Bull and the entirety of the TAC had to take on over this episode in order to prove that the defendant was innocence. First, they had to use her in order to tell the emotional story of her relationship. Beyond that, they need to find some sort of other proof of Brian’s abusive practices. Eventually, they were able to do that in the form of one of his fellow former TAs who he had an intimate relationship with in the past.

No matter what Bull did or who he brought in to convince the jury, there was still one clear problem: It’s almost impossible to convince the jury that Brian being shot was anything other than murder.

The Verdict is in

The jury took a good nine days, and the longer this went on, the more nervous it made Bull, who recognized that he made a mistake in having it be an either/or situation with Murder One or nothing.

In the end, it turned out that the verdict was … not guilty! Bull found a way to get justice for Kate, even if it happened in a way that was unconventional and could have easily teetered in the other direction.

Our own verdict

Bull season 2 episode 20 was as hard of a case for Bull and the TAC as they come. This was emotional, but also gripping and sure to be the subject of debate for some time. Not only did it shake the defendant, but the severity of the trial and the length of the deliberation also shook Bull to his core.

Also, it was smart to bring in the backstory of Bull’s sister to give us a little more of an anchor. Michael Weatherly showed a ton of vulnerability in his performance tonight and that was very much appreciated.

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