Bull season 2 episode 21 return date: The story of ‘Reckless’

Michael Weatherly's BullFollowing tonight’s new episode on CBS, are you curious in knowing the Bull season 2 episode 21 return date? Rest assured that we come bearing that news within!

Before we get into the story itself, let’s go ahead and share a little bit of news on the date: The series is coming back onto the network on Tuesday, May 1. We’re nearing the end of the season and with that in mind, the tension is going to ramp up as the clients get a little more challenging. As a matter of fact, you can argue that the case Bull takes on during the next episode “Reckless” is one that he stands little to no chance of winning. He is taking on a difficult case of a man who, unfortunately, has a hard time being able to defend himself. After all, this said man cannot speak in order to properly defend himself.

Below, the Bull season 2 episode 21 synopsis gives you a little more information:

“Reckless” – Bull’s team worries that they’re in over their heads when they take on the seemingly unwinnable case of Elliott Miles (Frank De Julio), a mute man facing the death penalty if he’s found guilty of murder and arson. Also, Bull is stunned to learn that his ex-wife is remarrying, on BULL, Tuesday, May 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This case is going to be a powerful one certainly for Michael Weatherly’s character, who has to find a way to handle both a difficult case and also a personal revelation that he probably was not expecting. We often think that one of the reasons why he is so good at his job is because he has this incredible ability to be able to shove some of his personal history into the back of his mind. Repression really is one of the best ways in which this character moves forward.

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Beyond Bull’s personal crisis, we are fascinating by what the performance could be for Frank De Julio, largely because playing a man like Elliott Miles is no easy feat. This is not your typical role on this show and it could offer some interesting avenues for character exploration.

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