Chicago Fire season 6 episode 19 exclusive sneak peek: A fire and a whole lot of cash

Chicago Fire season 6 cast photoChicago Fire season 6 episode 19 is airing on NBC Thursday night and judging from the exclusive sneak peek that we have for you below here at CarterMatt, we’re in for what may be one of the more complex stories this season. While in part this episode is about a traditional fire rescue, it also has other issues at play — including a rather hefty sum of money that is left at the scene.

When Boden and the Firehouse 51 crew arrive, they’re informed as to what they’re dealing with — a Mexican cartel property that suffered an electrical fire. The firefighters are sent in to begin their rescue operation, but soon after that, they discover some of the cash that is strewn about.

Here is where some of them have to make a fairly substantial moral choice. The firefighters arrive when the scene is still very new and chaotic. With that in mind, someone could theoretically try to make out with some of the cash before anyone has a chance to notice. This is where Cordova may come into play.

Boden assigns Cordova to work alongside Kidd within the house, but as soon as she is in there and working to help someone in danger, Stella quickly realizes that the relative newcomer to the team is nowhere to be seen. What happened? Per the official logline for the episode, eventually Casey becomes skeptical of Cordova’s actions during the rescue and believes that he may have taken some of the money from the scene. A hefty amount of cash turns up missing, and given that he wasn’t there when Kidd needed help, it makes sense that he would be a suspect.

So is everything as it seems, or is Cordova being targeted as the new guy who doesn’t play well with others? These are both worthy questions, but you are going to have to wait until Thursday night’s new episode airs to get the answer one way or another. Either way, be prepared for this installment to push forward the story of Cordova, who originally came in as a temporary replacement for Otis.

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