Chicago Fire interview: Miranda Rae Mayo on Stella, Severide, what’s next

Miranda Rae MayoTo call this season’s storyline for Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire big wouldn’t be doing it justice. She’s went through highs and lows with her living situation and her personal life, though it seems as though things are starting to get more stable now that she and Severide are together. Or, are they? That’s the thing with the NBC drama — as we get into the final episodes of the season there’s always a certain degree of flux. It is hard to anticipate anything different from the series at this point.

The fantastic actress behind Stella in Miranda Rae Mayo was kind enough to recently talk with CarterMatt about some of the stories this season, including the progression of the Stella – Severide relationship, and also some of what’s coming up down the road. Take a look at the interview below!

CarterMatt – Stella’s went through a lot this season — she’s spent time with Severide as a roommate, she went through all of the fallout with Hope, she had the relationship with Zach, and now she’s gotten together again with Severide. What have you enjoyed about this season so far?

Miranda Rae Mayo – I’ve loved getting to play so much in the relationship with Severide. Taylor [Kinney] is really great at what he does and I learn a ton from him every time we get to work together. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed our crazy talented guest stars. Eloise Mumford and Daniel [di Tomasso] were both crazy talented, but also just really fun to be around.

Stella’s been around Firehouse 51 for a while now. Is she in a place where she’s completely comfortable with everyone?

Absolutely. She’s also an orphan and didn’t carry over any relationships from her old firehouse so these guys are literally all she’s got. They are her family.

Beyond her living situation, are there any other fun storylines that you’ve had a chance to work on so far?

The dating triangle has been fun. There’s also a great storyline with Severide’s family coming up and another with his gorgeous ex Renee. This season Kidd’s storyline has really kind of revolved around Kelly but it’s given me an opportunity to work with a ton of incredible actors including Taylor so all in all I’m grateful.

Do you like that this show plays to so many different strengths? You get to do this exciting physical stuff out in the field, but then you’ve got some of the funny firehouse moments and some darker, more dramatic scenes.

100%. It’s the most brilliant opportunity to work with the most incredible actors in every kind of tonal scenario. Comedically, dramatically, physically, it’s been such a blessing and I learn more and more every day.

When I saw you last at One Chicago Day you said you wanted to explore more of Stella’s background and family history. Are there any hints of that coming up?

Not yet… but I have my fingers crossed!!

What are you planning for the hiatus? Are there any other projects you have lined up or are coming out?

Music, music, music! I’m so excited to get to jam and perform my original music. I’m sure I’ll audition for some features but as of now it’s just time to re-center and collaborate with some of my favorite musicians.

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