Ink Master interview: Jeremy Brown on show experience, Steve Tefft, desire to return

Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown was a contestant on Ink Master season 10 who has quite a bit to celebrate. He made it extremely far in the competition and was just one challenge away from making it into the top five. He felt like he could’ve made it even further, at least based on some of what we had to say in a new exit interview with CarterMatt.

Below, take a look at what Jeremy had to say in regards to his performance, the sometimes-heated relationship we saw between him and his coach Steve Tefft (which may have been the end result of editing), and also whether or not he would be interested in coming back for another season if given a chance.

CarterMatt – Are you satisfied with how well you did in the competition?

If there is anything I’m unhappy with in the competition, it’s the last tattoo I did because I feel like I could’ve done something better.

Upon reflection, how would you describe your relationship with Steve?

How it was portrayed on the show versus how it was in real life was different. In real life we got along.

Where do you think the friction between you and the other artists came from?

Them not knowing my skill level or my experience. In my head I was sure what would look good and they were unsure.

Are you close to any of them now?

I speak with Jason, Josh and Katie on occasion.

What was the tattoo this season that you are the proudest of?

My top two would be the zombie teacher and the badge I did for the police officer.

Is there any sort of style that you wish you had a chance to show off?

Yes, realism.

Do you have any interest in doing Ink Master again?

I would do it again. In hindsight I look back and would know what to expect.

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