Ink Master interview: Deanna Smith talks journey from Ink Master: Angels to top-five finish

Deanna SmithThere’s no questioning that Deanna Smith had a pretty incredible journey through the Ink Master franchise over this past year. She started off on Ink Master: Angels and after winning her episode set in Dallas, she started out Ink Master season 10 strong. She made it all the way to the top five on DJ Tambe’s team before being eliminated on this past new episode.

So what does Deanna have to say about her journey, the tattoos that she is the most proud of, and her desire to return down the road? Check out the interview below!

CarterMatt – How much did being on Ink Master: Angels prepare you for being a part of the show?

Deanna Smith – It gave me a little taste of what it was like tattooing on camera in a competition. Tattooing in a safe space at a shop is so much different and without being on Ink Master: Angels I would of been more in shock being on Ink Master.

You got thrown pretty consistently some of the toughest tattoos and canvases as a part of team DJ. Did succeeding in some of those give you confidence the rest of the competition?

I wish I could say it gave me confidence, but I’ve always been pretty hard on myself. I think that’s a huge reason why I’ve come as far as I’ve come in tattooing (although I have so much more to grow). I have to admit, I was proud of myself on the Medusa piece and freehand piece but other than that, I wasn’t too stoked on the outcome of the other tattoos. Long story short, I was thrown some of the harder canvases, and I still think I could have done better. Being out on the spot in a competition with cameras made it hard for me to really show what I could do.

What tattoo from this season are you the most proud of?

I was pretty proud of the Medusa piece i did and the free handed piece. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and it pushed me to try something I want to keep doing in the future.

In retrospect, is there a different portrait canvas you wish you had chosen?

Absolutely. I obviously chose the worst one. I thought it would look much better blown up. I would have loved to tattoo Oliver Peck on that guys butt.

How close are you with DJ and Josh after the show?

I’m close with them for sure. Josh still FaceTimes me for tattoo advice even though he doesn’t need any. I was lucky to learn from them.

Do you have any desire to come back and take part in the show again?

If anything, I’d love to be a part of Ink Master: Angels. As for Ink Master? I never thought I’d do it again but honestly as more time goes by, the more I want to get back in it and use what I’ve learned to my advantage.

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If you want to see more of Deanna’s art or want information about booking an appointment, head over to her Instagram.

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