The Terror episode 6 preview: A long walk into darkness

The TerrorWhen The Terror episode 6 airs on AMC next week, all signs are pointing pretty clearly to one thing: How screwed the remaining members of the Terror and the Erebus are. At this point, it’s not even just about the Tuunbaq anymore; it’s also about the fact that they don’t have a lot of food and they also don’t have a whole lot of time. They can’t afford to simply let the ice thaw anymore; they may have to make a different move, one that could cause them to abandon ship and face a different sort of plan. This isn’t a good plan by any means, but it may very well be the only one that they’ve got.

Below, the Terror episode 6 synopsis offers up a little bit more information as to precisely what is coming:

With the end of their foodstuffs now in sight, and again no signs of a thaw, the expedition’s officers accept the harrowing reality that their best chance of survival may lie in an eight-hundred-mile walk out. A plan is hatched to raise the men’s spirits before the captains deliver this dismaying news.

Here’s what we wonder here, though — is there really anything one can do to make people feel good about the devastation coming in the form of a walkout? We don’t think so. It’s all just bluster, something that these men have to be very familiar with at this point given that they’ve faced quite a bit of bluster so far from the very beginning of this mission.

The Terror is moving at this point from just a historical drama into full-on survival horror. Given what some of these characters have been through so far, it honestly wouldn’t come as a shock if someone resorts to cannibalism by the very end of it. Also, it feels like this walkout may need to turn into a full-on run given that the Tuunbaq likely wants revenge for being hurt during tonight’s new episode.

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Above all else, the biggest reason to keep watching The Terror is for the opportunity to marvel at the scenery, fear for the characters, and praise the performances of Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies. Beyond what we’ve seen so far there is plenty of other great content ahead.

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