The Terror episode 5 review: Is this victory over the Tuunbaq?

The Terror

When it comes to The Terror episode 5 on AMC, there is clearly a case of good news and bad news that you’re looking at.

Let’s kick things off here with the good news for some of the crew: It seems as though they have temporarily incapacitated the Tuunbaq monster that has been haunting them for most of the series. The monster put up quite a fight in the midst of a battle aboard the ship, but the weaponry was enough to damage the monster enough so that it took off.

That’s the good news for the crew; yet, the bad news is pretty much everything else at the moment. For starters, this monster seems to be moving more independently than ever before and, to go along with that, it is getting even more bold. It’s taken the lives of money and you have to think that it’s going to want revenge after all of this.

We got our best look at the Tuunbaq this week and, by and large, the series did the best job that it could of capturing something mysterious and monstrous. The reality is that there is only going to be so much in which you can see a creature like this. You want there to be a good bit of an element of surprise when you see them — also, there’s probably so much that the show can bring this character in for budgetary purposes.

A change at the top

James Fitzjames seems to now be the new man in charge, which is probably good for a few simple reasons. For starters, he seems to be more capable at this point that Crozier. Also, Crozier has shown to be increasingly ineffective. He and many other characters aboard the ship are suffering from everything from sickness to the aftermath of the Tuunbaq’s attacks and Crozier seems now ready to chill out below deck for a while.

Will the fate of these crew members change under new leadership? We’re so far into the season at this point to simply feel as though they’re simply screwed.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The Terror remains as compelling as ever through five episodes, and kudos have to be given to the producers for finally starting to lift the veil on the monster itself. Also, the same goes for patience in general given that we are writing about a series that, at its core, is about slow suffering. These are men dying from the cold, dying from their own misguided determination, and also from a world that they don’t quite understand. It doesn’t really matter what sort of understanding that they get of the world through their female stowaway; it’s mostly just about the fact that they don’t belong here and that is becoming clearer every single day.

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