The Resident episode 10 spoilers: Nic, Devon’s conversation about Lily

Resident episode 1There are many different sad moments coming on The Resident episode 10 on Monday night, but none are going to be sadder than dealing with the aftermath of Lily’s death.

There were many different characters who were attached to Lily as a patient but none more so than Nic. She was there for her through much of the process and absolutely was invested in her recovery. She wanted to see her find a way to get to the other side of her recovery. She was so invested, in fact, that she decided to challenge Lane Hunter over her treatment patterns. This was bold … VERY bold. It’s so bold that it could end up costing Nic her job, since we have a feeling that Lane is already in the process of setting her up to take the fall on precisely what happened.

In the sneak peek below for this particular episode, what you can see is Devon and Nic doing their part to try and figure out what happened — Nic felt like she was doing okay at the end of her most-recent shift and with that in mind, she was confident that she would emerge on the other side okay. Conrad was certainly upset in his own right, but you could immediately see that he was processing some of his grief in a way that was a little bit different from everyone else. He was choosing to internalize most of it. He doesn’t want to speak with Devon about it, and nor does he want Devon to actually look at the ankle that he injured a little bit earlier in the day. This is Conrad being his most defiant self. Eventually, someone may get through to him, but there’s a pretty good chance that it’s going to be Nic instead of Conrad. She is the one who has that line of communication open.

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