Lucifer season 3: How Chloe Decker serves as the calm in crazy storm

Chloe DeckerIn today’s CarterMatt Unsung Heroes article feature, we’re putting the focus squarely on someone in Chloe Decker of Lucifer fame who is certainly worthy of praise, way more than she has received to date.

When you think about challenges, one of the biggest ones with this character is simply this: Being a driving force in the midst of a world she doesn’t know. She can’t really focus on what Lucifer is up to with Cain or Maze’s attempts to get herself back to Hell; she doesn’t know about any of it. She is just doing the best that she can to be a great mother, a great cop, and a great partner. She’s putting her best foot forward to try to help those who are close to her.

With any great hero comes sacrifice, and that is what Chloe has done time and time again. She’s put her life on the line and at times didn’t have much of a personal life so that she could to put her energy into helping those who are close to her. Both personally and professionally, she has absolutely done everything she can to be supportive and kind. (Granted, she can’t be kind all of the time and she has frustrations — who wouldn’t, in her position?)

Perhaps the most admirable trait of all for Chloe is her ability to be a stabilizing presence despite the fact that most of the world around her is constantly in flux and changing. While she may have a brilliant partner in Lucifer, he’s wild, highly unpredictable, and not the sort of person who can be trusted in order to make the right move in the field all of the time. To go along with that, she’s also seen Maze tackle some demons and seen a number of bizarre occurrences all throughout Los Angeles. She’s had to keep Los Angeles from going to hell (pun intended) in a handbasket.

As this season goes along, we have seen Chloe do her best to try to follow her heart — which has in turn brought her to Marcus. It’s hard to blame her for that, given that the projection that she’s getting of Marcus is one of an ideal love interest. We credit her for following her heart, something that she’s not always been inclined to do in the romance department. Hopefully, she follows it again with Lucifer if the two of them can ever work something out.

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In the end, Chloe’s mistakes in romance or otherwise make her relatable. Meanwhile, her actions make her heroic. She may not always get the glory for solving cases or for being the person to really save the day, but one thing Lucifer often says is very much true: She’s special. It’s not because of destiny or whatever she can do to help Cain. It’s because of who she is and how wonderfully Lauren German plays her — with the right about of heart and determination.

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