Unsung Hero Showdown: Felicity Smoak, Bellamy Blake, Chloe Decker, Regina Mills, Alfred Pennyworth, and Jude Adams Foster

Unsung HeroesWho is the #1 Unsung Hero on TV? Throughout the month of April, CarterMatt is bringing to you an article series that is all about highlighting some of the characters and performances worthy of so much more credit than what they have received to date.

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Alfred Pennyworth – He is both a soldier and a sage, a brilliant man and yet one devoted to sacrifice and care. When you think about the upbringing of Bruce Wayne, you often think in terms of the Dark Knight he becomes in Batman. Yet, you rarely think about the unsung hero who got him there in Alfred. Sean Pertwee captures this man tremendously on Gotham. (Read full feature.)

Bellamy Blake – Bellamy’s story is a fantastic one of redemption, of understanding mistakes and then realizing that there is still a way in which to bounce back and improve. He’s always been one of The 100’s most well-intentioned characters, but he’s long struggled with the weight of his actions in this world. He’s starting to figure this out, and cheers to Bob Morley for taking us on this incredible journey over time. (Read full feature.)

Chloe Decker – Lauren German’s fantastic character is the beating heart of Lucifer. She wants little more than to be a good mother, a good cop, and a good friend — she excels often at many of these things, while also still working to (somehow) take on the myriad of responsibilities that are thrown at her on a fairly regular basis. It’s hard being in the LAPD; it’s even harder surrounded by characters like Lucifer and Maze. (Read full feature.)

Felicity Smoak – Not only has Emily Bett Rickards’ character done a tremendous job of redefining what it means to be a hero within Star City on Arrow, but we’d apply that to almost all of comic-book TV. She’s shown that there is a path to being a comedic presence and a powerful catalyst without needing to wear a costume much of the time. Her popularity speaks to the power of her as a relatable, likable hero who is still fighting to be the best person she can. (Read full feature.)

Jude Adams Foster – The character himself has broken barriers when it comes to LGBTQ youth representation on television, but beyond just that Jude (coupled with Hayden Byerly’s performance as him) is responsible for so much inspiration. The character represents how there is always hope for the future and while nobody is perfect, there are ways to tackle adversity and be a loving, caring person on the other side. (Read full feature.)

Regina Mills – Regina may be the most redemptive hero of all when you consider the person she started out as juxtaposed as the character she has since become. She is no longer the “Evil Queen” who revels in the suffering of others. She instead has discovered that true magic lies in doing good for others; in using some of her powers for good as opposed to evil, Lana Parrilla’s character is now one of the most formidable people in the Once Upon a Time universe. (Read full feature.)

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