Supergirl season 3 episode 15 photo: Mon-El’s new costume

Mon-El's costumeMon-El’s new costume on Supergirl has been teased and discussed online for many weeks — now, The CW has finally given us an official look!

The photo above that CarterMatt has for you is the first one that has been released for the upcoming 15th episode of this season, which is set to air on Monday, April 23. This is a far cry from the mostly-black suit that we’ve seen him wear previously and has much more in common both with the Supergirl costume and also what we see Mon-El wear in some of the comics. As a side not, it also kind of reminds us of more modern version of Doctor Strange’s costume as well.

All in all, we like it mostly because it’s bold. There are so many costumes within the Arrowverse that either feel muted or just like dark leather, and it’s nice to have one that very clearly isn’t either of these things. This is a costume that will actually stand out and be remembered — we certainly understand that he is a polarizing character for many people, but for fans of his this is actually a costume that they can get behind. We do feel like this was introduced as some sort of course-correction after the tepid response to the previous one, especially given that Reign received such a memorable costume and, for the most part, many of the other costumes have been fairly on-point within the Arrowverse as of late. (The Killer Frost and new White Canary costumes are both pretty good; yet, the less that we say about the personality they ripped out of the Wild Dog costume, the better.)

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Story-wise, we know that there are a lot of notable things coming up in both this episode and beyond. After all, remember that Supergirl and Mon-El are going to be training together within this episode in order to show her some skills that he learned in his new era of time. Meanwhile, there is the whole romantic crisis that the series now has to unravel. Mon-El is married to Imra, yet clearly also has feelings for Kara. What complicates things further is that Imra has been keeping a secret from him regarding why the two of them are really back within Supergirl’s time in National City. There’s a lot of interesting drama that will unfold for these characters coming up — we just hope that it’s complicated, adult, and interesting rather than just some typical TV love triangle.

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