Instinct episode 4 review: Meet Dylan Reinhart’s father

Instinct episode 1There were a couple of different reasons to be excited about Instinct episode 4, starting with the fact that it was probably the biggest case that we’ve see tackled on the series to date. After all, Dylan and Lizzie learned that a subway incident was connected to a death that happened on a merry-go-round. Beyond just that, there were also indications that a much larger, extremely dangerous terrorist attack could be coming up in the future.

Suffice it to say, much of this caused this episode of Instinct to be far and away one of the most powerful, intense hours that we’ve seen on the series — but there was another part of it for Dylan that made things complicated: His father Roger was on the case, and with that in mind he had to deal with someone who he didn’t have a great relationship with. These are both stubborn, tough characters who have a habit for not listening to anyone else. Dylan’s father was insufferable, but at the same time at dinner later in the episode Dylan didn’t exactly do a whole lot to let his father into his world, either.

The two eventually did have to put their relationship issues on hold in order to solve the case and by the end, Lizzie and Dylan were able to that. However, Dylan was not able to save the person responsible for the bombings (Kyle). He had a standoff for him at the top of a building, but rather than turn himself in, Kyle chose to jump off the building to his death. He had grown up without parents, and this in itself caused Dylan to reach back out to his father at the end of this episode.

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Lizzie and something borrowed

On a more personal note, Gooden was planning a wedding — yet, Lizzie found herself feeling bummed-out by the fact that she was not really included in the planning. Gooden was worried that this was going to hurt Lizzie given her own tragic past, but eventually Lizzie showed that while it was difficult, he was happy for her and wanted to be a part of her big day. That’s why he wanted to give her a veil as her something borrowed … only for the veil to be completely hideous. It turns out that the dress company had shipped her the wrong dress a long time ago, but she had never opened it.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s Instinct ended with a touching moment between Dylan and his father, one in which Dr. Reinhart started to realize that he was actually respected by his father. We’re not sure he knows how to deal with that, but the news is now out there. The mystery itself did get a little bit buried at the end and the conclusion of the Dylan – Roger story was a tad predictable; yet, we don’t mind too much given that it was entertaining as a whole.

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