Outlander season 4: How to build the best love story for Roger and Bree

Richard RankinAll signs point towards Outlander season 4 continuing to be a great love story for Jamie and Claire, and there is already plenty of insight out there about that. These two have been through a lot of turmoil and trauma already, but they are finally starting to get into a position where they can have a new life together in America.

However, for the other central couple on the show (Roger and Bree), we can’t quite say that anything is anywhere near that clear at present. For the non-bookreaders out there, these two characters are presumably living on separate continents and are just trying to come to grips with their lives. Yet, over time they may have more opportunities to be with each other, but it’s going to be a road every bit as difficult as what Jamie and Claire went through.

So what does CarterMatt want to see the Outlander producers do when it comes to this relationship moving into season 4? We’ve come up with a few simple suggestions.

1. Offer up a different sort of chemistry than with Jamie and Claire – Every relationship in life is different from the next and the same goes for a fictional world like Outlander. Obviously, Roger and Bree are different in that they’re both characters born within a particular era. Meanwhile, they were not married to each other and don’t have some of the same inherent fears as Jamie and Claire. Yet, we do want to see their love story progress in a way that is about care, devotion, intellect, and solutions to problems.

2. Constant reminders – During season 3 you only saw Roger and Bree in just a handful of episodes at the start of the season. That’s something that should change moving into season 4. It would be nice to see these characters throughout the entire season, even if it is interspersed through the main plot. Cultivate important notes for them to hit as we watch their journey unfold.

3. Iconic scenes – Promote the love story and give fans something to look forward to! A part of what worked with Jamie and Claire is that they had so many anticipated moments. Adding more weight and anticipation to whatever comes next for Roger and Bree should help to excite viewers who don’t know much about their story going in.

4. Let the actors shine – There are going to be some extremely difficult moments ahead for these characters and the best way that the series can handle it is allow the interactions to be small, intimate, and emotional. Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton are fantastic and deserve every bit of attention possible. Find the room in the episodes where you can cast the spotlight down on them and allow them to shine.

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