Outlander at the Emmys: Five reasons this may be the show’s year for more nominations

OutlanderOver the years CarterMatt has written at length about Outlander and its worthiness of an Emmy nomination. The same goes for its cast. This summer, the Starz drama has another chance of getting some awards love, and we do actually think that this could be the best opportunity for both the series and some of the actors to get some nominations and beat out the competition.

Why is that? There are a number of different reasons for it that we’ve done our best to chart that out below.

1. The success of the series commercially – While there are the occasions in which a show (see Breaking Bad and Mad Men) is able to break through at the awards show despite not much success or notoriety at first, there are many others that don’t make it into consideration until they start to get a little more attention under their belt. The Americans and its cast are a great example of this. Outlander is now coming off of its highest-rated season ever, and with the move to Sunday night more viewers are aware of its existence than ever before. This should help with Emmy voters.

2. The Emmy campaign itself – Starz and Sony have already done a pretty great job of getting the word out there, especially with the recent Emmy panel event. There seems to be enthusiasm around the show and the performers by some of the people who really matter. While campaigns don’t always lead to nominations, it never hurts come May or June to get your name out there and on the mind of voters.

3. The recent nominations for Caitriona Balfe – While the Emmy nods remain fairly elusive, at the same time Caitriona has been the recipient of a little more recognition elsewhere. Think in terms of some of the love she’s gotten from the Golden Globes the past couple of years. This bodes very well for her chances this year, and by extension, should help both Sam Heughan and the series itself. Both the stars and the show itself are incredibly deserving.

4. Timing – Sometimes this does matter, and we do think that it helps Outlander that the Emmys are happening a year after The Handmaid’s Tale, This Is Us, Stranger Things, and The Crown first premiered (these shows are great, but they may not steamroll as they once did). While Game of Thrones is now eligible after having a year off, it hasn’t received too many acting nominations outside of the supporting categories. There may be a window this year for Outlander and some of the cast to compete.

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5. The joy in escapism – We do think climate does play a role in awards-show nominations, and we think at this point in history there is a real desire for immersive, breathtaking television that takes you out of your world and into somewhere else. This, to us, is the reason for the success of The Shape of Water at the Oscars. With Outlander, there is a chance to venture into another world and watch an epic love story with so many other fantastic elements included.

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