The Good Doctor season 2: Should Morgan return?

Should Morgan returnWhen The Good Doctor season 2 premieres on ABC this fall, there are going to be questions on the subject of Jared’s return. He has an opportunity to leave for a new gig over in Denver, and his status seems to be very much in limbo. The same could be said for Kenny, mostly because show boss David Shore has already expressed some ambivalence on his future.

But what about Morgan? This character is an interesting addition to the series, mostly because of the fact that she was intentionally brought in to be a thorn in the side of others. She was not promoted as this nice, likable addition to the cast. Instead, she’s the most competitive person at the hospital, someone who doesn’t believe Shaun should be working there and someone who will do almost anything to win the favor of doctors and patients alike.

So what’s the merit that comes with bringing her back? Much of it starts with a lot of what we’ve spelled out already: Conflict. If all of the doctors constantly get along, then you lose a great sense of the narrative drive. Morgan mixes things up, she pits characters against each other, and she is not afraid to stir the pot and cause a little bit of chaos. Bringing her on the show is good for that; it’s always important to have a character who viewers love to loathe.

Granted, there’s also the notion of possibly redeeming this character on some level. You do have to wonder if they could make her so unlikable that they aren’t able to turn her around, but we do still think there’s hope at this point. Morgan has done enough here and there throughout the series to show humanity; with that, we think there’s something more to her than what she presents herself to be on the surface. Therefore, we’re not giving up on her just yet.

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What is known for certain

When Fiona Gubelman first joined The Good Doctor there was an option for her to become a regular for season 2. It’s not certain at the moment as to whether or not this option will be picked up, but it gives producers something to think about.

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