The Resident episode 9 review: Conrad faces his past (and his ex)

The Resident episode 4If there was ever a chance to get to know better the character of Dr. Conrad Hawkins, it came about over the course of The Resident episode 9. This installment gave you a chance to meet his ex for the first time, who just turned out to know Conrad better than he knew himself. She saw some of his flaws, but also recognized just how much he had changed from who he was many years before.

As the episode went along, we ended up seeing a lot of insight especially about how much Conrad cared for Nic, really to the point that he had chosen to give her his mother’s ring. It was the ring that he had previously chosen to give to the love of his life and that meant something. Yet, neither Conrad nor Nic necessarily had a chance to dwell on any of this given their other priorities.

For Conrad, he had to figure out a way in which to help his ex, even if that meant having to rely on Dr. Bell — the last person he wanted to rely on — in order to help. After there were cameras put into the surgery rooms, that does risk the chance that we end up seeing Dr. Bell called out for his tremors.

On a sweeter note, there were a LOT of puppies in this episode, which we can’t possibly be angry about given that everyone loves puppies and they are pretty much the greatest thing to make any episode better. A puppy ended up being rather useful as a comfort for Lily (at least before the Nic – Lane situation); meanwhile, Devon ended up giving Priya a puppy after initially not planning anything for her birthday. Good thing she loves puppies.

Now, let’s get to the sad part

Lily died in the closing minutes of the episode, and at the end of a chemotherapy-caused disaster that Nic had previously tried to stop. Her tension with Lane seemed to cause Lane to in turn spiral; she didn’t treat Lily the right way and there were questions for some time as to precisely when this was going to come back to haunt her.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The site of Conrad crying at the end of the episode, with the puppy who was comforting Lily earlier sitting next to him, was easily the most powerful sight of what was the show’s best episode. If you ever doubted Matt Czuchry’s acting ability before, first of all shame of you. Second of all, this was an outstanding performance from him as he was both vulnerable and determined to help someone in Lily who was beyond help. He might have kept his ex safe, but that didn’t apply to his other patients.

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