Lucifer season 3 episode 18 review: ‘The Last Heartbreak,’ starring Marcus Pierce

Lucifer - Tom WellingLucifer season 3 episode 18 was the story of many different things, whether it be the case of a serial killer, Amenadiel trying to come to terms with the arrival of Charlotte Richards back in his sphere, and when also Lucifer trying to deal with the realization that Chloe had some feelings for Marcus Pierce.

As the case went along, the feelings for Marcus and Chloe progressed. However, at the same time Lucifer started to realize that dealing with this was not going to be altogether easy. Meanwhile, with Marcus one of the things that we saw via his past is how, when it comes to relationships, he can never quite keep it together. This is the pain that comes with being immortal — sooner or later he is going to die, and with that also comes the realization that he is going to be alone yet again. His distance is in so many ways his security blanket, his way in order to hide from the noise of the surrounding world.

Yet, at present there is also another important question to wonder when it comes to Marcus: Why does he want Chloe with this in mind? He claims that she possesses the one thing that he’s always wanted — in other words, he may love her because he needs her. this may frustrate Lucifer more than anything else, given that one of his goals all along with Chloe was finding a way in which to protect her from other terrible people in the world.

While it pains us to see Lucifer’s heart hurting, there’s also a lot of fun with him being jealous — including taking part in a radio show venting about some of his feelings. It was at this said place that Chloe’s true feelings for Marcus started to become a little bit more clear.

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CarterMatt Verdict

In the midst of everything else that happened within this episode when it comes to Chloe and Marcus, the case itself did get somewhat lost — though there’s also another component of crazy here as well with Maze starting to go off the rails and Amenadiel having some serious mommy issues. “The Last Heartbreak” was a very entertaining hour of TV, but we do very much feel that the heartbreak is far from over at the moment.

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