Outlander season 4: The state of production and birthday wishes

Outlander season 4There are a couple of interesting things Outlander-related to get to in today’s morning notes, but let’s start things off with a Happy Birthday to none other than Cesar Domboy! It feels as though there are a number of show-related birthdays happening all around the same time; we like to imagine that everyone gets together after filming with a few shots of whisky and has a great time.

Speaking of filming, odds are you’ve already heard about some work that took place earlier this week on the Scottish coastline — if not, you can read the article here or check out the video at the bottom of this article. (Subscribe to our CarterMatt YouTube Channel for more discussions!) There’s also a good chance that you’ve heard about filming heading to Glasgow next week.

If you’re on Twitter, there’s also a chance you may have heard that over the past couple of days there have been some media outlets flocking to the show’s set. That should give you a good sense that there will be many a story coming out about filming at some point in the near future. Things have been reasonably quiet on the media front as of late when it comes to the series, but all signs point to that starting to change in the near future. With that, we will of course have some more updates for you in the weeks to come when news from the media visits start to come out.

For those wondering, the media outlets in attendance weren’t just limited to ones from either America or the UK; both seemed to have some sort of presence.

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The Outlander team got a little bit lucky with the scheduling of the press events this year — if this had happened back when there was such a massive Scottish snowstorm, you have to figure that this would have been a little bit more challenging to configure.

What else is coming?

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with another piece in our ongoing season 4 character questions feature — this time, we will likely focus on one of the newcomers to this season. Be sure to check that out, and remember that you can like CarterMatt on Facebook in the event you do want to secure some additional insight and updates pertaining to Outlander. (Photo: Starz.)


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