Outlander season 4 filming update: What’s happened in Dunure?

Outlander season 4 filming updateWe have another Outlander season 4 filming update to report on this week, and it brings you to the Scottish village of Dunure. It’s a pretty breathtaking place southwest of Glasgow, and a pretty reasonable distance from some of where Outlander has filmed as of late in such places as Cumbernauld Glen, Culross, and Falkland.

As for what was happening there, we’re still not going to post any photos out of respect for the people working there behind the scenes. (It’s site policy not to share images unless they are from an official production source / network.) Nonetheless, we will discuss briefly some of who was spotted there, so this is your fair SPOILER WARNING.

Still with us? Then read on…

Earlier Tuesday, both Sophie Skelton (Brianna) and Steven Cree (Ian) were spotted in the village working on some coastal scenes for the series. Even as a non-book reader, there is an easy interpretation for what is going on here — Bree is looking for her mother, and upon learning that she is off in America, she may opt to travel there herself. The meeting between Jamie and Bree is one of the most-anticipated scenes out there. This could be a key scene that gets her closer to that reunion.

Skelton has been seen working with multiple performers over the past few weeks, mostly recently in Culross. Since that time, though, the Scottish weather has taken a nasty toll on both production and everyone else. (We describe that further in the video below from last week.) It is nice to see that the show is going on now, and we are getting ever closer to the season 4 premiere of Outlander on Starz a little bit later this fall.

Hopefully, there will be more days of filming coming up, given that it is fairly atypical for a production to get the necessarily footage and then some on location in such a short period of time. We’ve noted before that filming seems especially public this season, though that is for two specific reasons in that there’s a greater awareness of it now coupled with production staying in a place that is largely Outlander central where there is the most attention around the series. If they were in South Africa like they were the end of season 3, it may be a totally different experience.

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