Outlander season 4 filming heading to Glasgow, but when?

Outlander season 4 fimingWhile we have seen Outlander season 4 filming take place in a few public places as of late, we’re now getting set to see the filming of the series become more public than ever.

According to a report from local publication Glasgow Live, James Morrison Street within the city is going to be closed on Wednesday and Thursday of next week between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. local time for production. The same apparently goes for St. Andrews Street. As for who will be turning up we don’t like to issue guarantees and it is often hard to know this in advance.

Why this is important to most of you out there who are either A) in Scotland or B) interested in going to Scotland is rather simple — this provides you with an opportunity to really enjoy filming in a setting that you very rarely get. Maybe some of you have never seen TV production before and you can do that now within the walls of the city. This is a really cool opportunity to see how the metaphorical sausage gets made without having to travel too far.

Of course, this article also serves as a notice to some out there to be cautious around these days online if you want to avoid spoilers. Avoid searching for the #Outlander hashtag on Twitter and searching for it on Google since photos are inevitably going to come up. You just have to be prepared for that. (Personally, we don’t mind set set images, but they’re often not something we feel the need to personally share.)

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Filming for Outlander season 4 is going to continue from now until presumably June, based on some of the information that is out there and the conventions schedules for some of the cast. Once there is some more specific information tied to production, we will be sure to let you know.

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