How to get Outlander season 4 even more viewers

Outlander season 4Outlander season 4 is premiering later this year, and it goes without saying that our excitement is there for it. If you love the Starz series, it’s pretty darn hard to not be brimming with enthusiasm that there is more of the series coming up.

Now that we’ve said that, though, shouldn’t we see some of this enthusiasm transfer over to some other people, as well? While season 3 was the most-watched season in history for the show n Starz, there are still some avenues to build that audience and make season 4 the biggest for the show yet. Some of these strategies are ones that Starz can execute; meanwhile, there are others that all of us who watched the show regularly can help pull off. For more, take a look below.

For Starz – We’re not criticizing their marketing efforts at all — they’ve been far-reaching and at times really good. They’ve captured what they believe to be their target demo very well over time and should be very much commended for it.

Moving forward, though, we’d say that they can improve the ratings even more by reaching out to somewhat unexpected viewers — advertise on networks with different demographics, campaign more to moviegoers with the show’s cinematic feel, and offer up opportunities for viewers who don’t have Starz to watch the first episode for free. Get the word out and get some of these people hooked. Of course, marketing towards awards shows also helps since those programs often serve as a great source of publicity.

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For viewers – There are many different things that can be done here, and some of them fans are already doing — promoting the show in fan polls and doing everything that they can to make sure the series is honored. The biggest thing that can be done is promoting it more on the ground level — doing more viewing parties and allowing more friends/family to know about the show.

We’d go into a tear at this point about making sure that viewers with Nielsen boxes check out the show to boost the live+same-day ratings, but that doesn’t really matter all that much. While we do think it’s nice to shatter ratings records in those metrics, it’s really not all that important when the dust settles. What is more than anything else is getting the weekly viewers and, more than that, the subscribers up. Monetization really matters and subscriber counts are the best way to actually help this show — along with merchandise and other product sales.

Outlander is a big hit for Starz, but what we all need to do not is make it into a unavoidable hit. Make the show so successful that it is impossible for Starz to continue to see the series through. It’s sure to get a season 5 and likely a season 6 beyond that, but after that things are a little more unclear.

How do you think Outlander season 4 should get some more viewers moving forward? Be sure to sound off right now in the comments!

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