The Walking Dead season 8 episode 11 review: Let’s all go to the Hilltop!

Walking DeadCarl is gone on The Walking Dead and it seems that with his death, the dream of a utopia where people got along and worked together against the walkers to make a more functional future is gone too. We were originally hopeful that Rick really heard Carl and wanted to help make that change, but instead he’s basically said that he doesn’t care and he wants Negan dead. We thought with something as life changing as hearing your dying son’s last words that it would have changed something inside Rick, but so far we’ve got a big goose egg on that one.

The story this week is moving away from Carl’s death and Rick’s mission to kill Negan and the focus is on a fan favorite of Walking Dead fans – Daryl. He, Rosita, Tara and Dwight are headed to Hilltop. Tara’s only mission right now is to kill Dwight and while we never thought we’d heard Daryl tell Tara not to kill him, Rosita agrees that Dwight might have another angle to help, since he’s the only one with insider information. When Tara gets her chance to be alone with Dwight and kill him, she takes her shot, but when some Saviors show up, he proves himself to Tara by leading them away from the group. When Daryl finds out that Tara’s little plan ended up with Dwight going off with the Saviors, he’s pissed off to say the least since he’s worried that Dwight could turn on them and lead Negan’s group right back to them. Eventually Daryl’s group makes it to Hilltop and tells them what happened in Alexandria including that Carl is dead.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on father Gabriel. Originally when we saw that he was sick and in the Saviors compound we thought he might be infected with the walker virus and was going to infect everyone there, but instead that story turned into a big nothing burger (as many stories have this season) and he’s now on the run with the doctor and headed to Hilltop. That being said his infection is still leaving him tired and he’s losing his vision. He finds a cabin saying that inside is going to be his salvation and it starts to look that when they find antibiotics to help Gabriel, car keys and a map to help them get to Hilltop. If that’s not a sign from God then we don’t know what is! Things are going swimmingly until the Saviors find them and the doctor makes a move on them. They shoot the doctor dead (Negan is NOT going to be happy with that!) and Gabriel is shaken as he is driven back to the compound. When he arrives, he is sat down in Eugene’s work shop to help sort bullets for the next attack on Rick the next day and Gabriel’s faith is clearly shaken – not broken, but there’s a crack in the dam.


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CarterMatt verdict

This episode was a real filler episode where a whole lot of nothing happened, just another episode as both sides get ready for another battle against each other, except this time, Hilltop is no where near ready for what Negan has coming for them like they were in Alexandria. This show has lost it’s direction in many ways, but one thing we were happy to see was that all of the groups were reunited once again at Hilltop.

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