Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16 video: Is Tani ready to go undercover?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16Are you ready for Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16 to arrive on CBS? We’ve been teasing this installment for quite some time and with that, we’re very much pleased to say that we’re almost to the point in which it’s airing!

This installment looks to be all sorts of fun, especially if you’re in the contingent of people who are already ‘shipping Tani and Junior to be the next great couple. The two have a lot of chemistry while going undercover together, really to the point where even Steve and Danny pick up on it.  Tani and Junior are specifically going undercover as prospective parents, and that requires a bit of a wardrobe change for Tani — after all, she says that she doesn’t quite have anything that would be perfect for the job. While she and Junior do their best to work the case from within, Steve and Danny will be watching from afar to ensure that nothing goes altogether haywire. We’ve certainly seen with this show many times already that something often can!

Do we anticipate a great deal of movement for Tani and Junior Friday night? Not exactly. It feels a little too soon to bring the two to the place where they are an item. Yet, it wouldn’t shock us all that much if this episode really moves the needle forward when it comes to the two possibly discovering some feelings that they may have for each other! That’s something the writers could build and play up over time.

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This episode should be one of the more comedic ones — there’ll still be action, but this should set the stage overall for all sorts of great storytelling in the weeks to come.

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