Celebrity Big Brother episode 10 review: The most obvious challenge-throw ever

Celebrity Big Brother episode 10Celebrity Big Brother episode 10 was, by and large, more of the same — not that we really minded. It may have actually been one of the most gloriously ridiculous installments of the entire season so far.

Take, for example, the entire segment with James Maslow singing (from the Diary Room) for Mark McGrath while Mark worked out. Also, you had the humor of Ross Mathews being shameless Mark’s yes-man in the midst of an argument with Brandi Glanville. This was Ross kissing up at his very best.

The outcome of the episode was clear from the very moment Mark won Head of Household — he threw up on the block the pair of Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi, knowing that it was smart to split him up. What was a little surprising to see was just how obvious it was that James threw the HoH to him! If this was regular Big Brother he would’ve been crucified for that, and if James ever does get in a position where one of his allies doesn’t get power or he doesn’t win a competition, he’s in big trouble. As a matter of fact, following this week we easily could see Ross and Marissa Jaret Winokur turning on him and Mark since they’re fairly big threats at the very end.

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Obligatory Omarosa story

She rode on Air Force One, everyone! Out of all the notable Donald Trump stories we’ve gotten over the years, the fact that Omarosa didn’t get free food in the air is probably the least interesting one to date. Overall, though, this was a good episode for her as she allowed Brandi to sink her own ship with Mark and sat back and said almost nothing. She knew that she didn’t want to put herself in any major trouble.

Omarosa really got lucky with Mark winning — other than maybe James winning, we’re not sure there’s another situation where she is safe this week.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was fun … or at least more fun than we expected for an episode that featured no Metta World Peace and spent the first ten minutes of it filling in cracks for viewers who hadn’t had a chance to watch the live feeds over the past several days leading up to the last eviction.

One other thing we find amusing? Celebrity Big Brother acting like Mark is some sort of grandpa even though he’s really not.

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