Jessica Jones season 2 episode 4 review: Hogarth’s difficult life decision

Jeri Hogarth Jessica Jones season 2We have officially met the Jessica Jones season 2 villain (a woman pretending to be Dr. Leslie Hansen and since we don’t know her real name, we will be calling her Dr. Hansen) and so far she’s terrifying! She’s smart, delusional and has super strength twice that of Jessica’s, so we know that this is an opponent that Jessica is going to have a really difficult time with. Her battle with Dr. Hansen is going to be made even more difficult since Hansen is an expert at disappearing.

The quest to find Dr. Hansen

With anger management not working, it being hot as Mordor in New York City, and Dr. Hansen still on the loose Jessica’s temper is at an all time high. Irritable does not begin to explain it and her whiskey lobotomy is doing nothing to help.

After staring at the picture of Dr. Hansen long enough, she realizes that she’s wearing a wig and with a wig that looks that good, there’s only a few places in the city that would sell that. Jessica and Trish hit up a wig shop and learn that  Hansen is a regular customer there, pays cash and is bald. Jessica thinks that maybe Hansen had cancer and that IGH saved her same as Jessica and if they found her through Metro General then they may be paying her medical bills too.

It’s been three days since Trish’s threat to Max and after sharing her video with Jessica she says that she’s ready to go public to get that hospital information. Jessica instead has another idea and it involves showing the footage Malcolm shot of Trish and Max’s conversation to the young star of his new film and getting her to walk off set. It’s still not enough to get Max to help, but after Jessica punches a hole through his car he agrees to call Metro General and tell them that he’s pulling all of his contributions if he doesn’t get files on IGH.

Max comes through and learns that there are only three people that IGH has been paying medical bills for: Jessica, The Whizzer and someone named Inez Green who Jessica and Trish assume is the woman pretending to be Dr. Hansen. When they learn that she’s homeless they head out to an area where she had a few misdemeanors hoping they will find her.  When they get there the plan is for Jessica to flush her out and Trish to taser her, but when she thinks Jessica’s in trouble, she takes some of the drugs that Simpson was using and runs up to taser Inez. Turns out this isn’t the woman they are looking for, but she still has information for them.

Inez tells them that she was once a nurse and that Hansen came in as a patient. One night Hansen threw Inez into a glass cabinet like she was a rag doll (so she already had her super powers) and broke her back.

While Jessica is away from her office, someone goes in and takes everything she had on the IGH. Originally we thought that as powerful as IGH is that it was someone from their office, but it’s Cheng looking to hurt Jessica and her business. Before Cheng’s henchman can get away with Jessica’s intel, Dr. Hansen shows up, and kills him pinning the whole murder on Jessica.

Hogarth’s difficult decision

After extensive research and realizing that no one is anywhere near a cure for ALS she goes to her doctor to ask for help with assisted suicide. This is another very touchy topic that people are very divided on: Should doctors be able to help with assisted suicide for terminally ill patients? This doctor won’t help Hogarth, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to stop her from going down this route if she chooses. She later buys the drug she needs to make this happen in the least painful and quick way possible, but buying the drug and going through with it are two different things.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We’ve all watched loved ones suffer through illness and wished that we could do something to help, but seeing Hogarth move towards suicide was tremendously difficult to watch. This is not a decision she takes lightly and being alone, dying and not wanting to be left unable to care for herself is something that has scared her enough to send her down this road. This is a topic that has always had a lot of heated debates and we expect after this episode there will be a lot more of these debates being had.

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