Jessica Jones season 2 episode 5 review: A proposal not accepted

Trish walker jessica jonesWith Jessica getting arrested for murder on the last episode of Jessica Jones we are left wondering what the cops really have on her outside of the fact that the crime scene looks like it could have only happened by a super human. She’s not the only super human in town with super strength (Luke Cage is out there too), so we have to wonder what else they have on her? Did Dr. Hansen leave some of Jessica’s stolen documents at the crime scene?

Jessica in jail

Turns out Dr. Hansen (which we are still calling her since she is still nameless for the moment) took all of the documents Jessica had and is burned them (including the death certificates of her family) while Jessica is sitting in jail waiting for the cops to figure out that she didn’t do it. The frame job was sloppy especially since Jessica had an alibi.

After getting some advice from Hogarth to share whatever information she has about the crime, she decides to give them Dr. Hansen saying that she is the person that has been running around New York killing people, that she has abilities, what she knows about IGH and the experiments they’ve performed on people. After pulling some security photos from Jessica’s building they see Dr. Hansen there and let Jessica go, but not before a mention about Kilgrave. One of the officers tells her he and a few other officers remember when Kilgrave came into the station and made them all hold guns to their heads and because of her his nightmares ended the day she killed him. Seems like not every cop is out to get her.

Trish’s offer

Trish is able to get out of jail faster than Jessica and after sleeping off her drug induced state she wakes up to find out that a big cable TV news station wants a meeting with her. Her mother fixes her up and rushes her to the meeting, but it’s actually a surprise proposal from Griffon. She doesn’t exactly say yes, but instead says thank you and accepts the ring. Griffon was also confused wondering if thank you meant yes and she takes him somewhere private to tell him that she can’t marry him – that relationship is now over. She realizes that she doesn’t want to be with Griffon that she wants to be Griffon and do what he does. Also she is becoming addicted to the combat drug Simpson was taking, but we wonder if it’s really the drug or the feeling of being powerful and in control of her life that she’s becoming addicted to?

Malcolm PI

While Jessica’s in jail she gives Malcolm his first task as an associate: To make sure nothing happens to Inez and to find out everything she knows about her former employers (IGH) as well as her former co-worker. He pushes her to tell him about the nurse that was killed because Inez says that she died at the hospital, but she was found in the bathtub of the apartment of a janitor (Dave) for IGH. That janitor is in psychiatric facility for the murder he didn’t commit, and for some reason confessed to. Once Malcolm has everything he can get he takes her to Hogarth (as a safe house) who pushes Inez to tell her everything she knows about IGH… specifically about the experiments. Seems that Hogarth may be looking at an alternative to death here.

Jessica’s plan

To get to Dave, Jessica needs to become a doctor of that psychiatric facility and to do that she asks her superintendent for help. She knows that he’s a master forger and needs him to put together whatever she needs to be convincing. When she speaks to Dave he’s still holding on strong to the idea that he killed this nurse, but when he starts talking about an octopus and how their DNA is unlike any other on earth she pushes to know why he knows this. He says that his friend Dr. Karl told him and that he liked them so much Dr. Karl would eat lunch at the aquarium every day. She asks Dave to draw a picture of Dr. Karl for her and after he does she takes the drawing and stakes out the aquarium until a man shows up matching the picture. When she sees him she flashes back to when he was her doctor at IGH. Things become all the more interesting when Dr. Hansen shows up and she and Dr. Karl start holding hands and kissing.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Having Trish say no to Griffon’s proposal opens up a lot of new storylines for her. If you are a Jessica Jones comic reader you know that she eventually becomes a superhero named hellcat and we’ve seen a little bit of that in this episode with her taking the combat drug and realizing that she needs to focus on becoming the person she wants to be and not the person everyone else wants her to be.

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