Jessica Jones season 2 episode 6 review: Could Jessica’s mother still be alive?

Jessica Jones season 2When we last saw Jessica Jones she was at the aquarium and all kinds of chaos was surrounding her. She found Dr. Karl and he was there on a date with Dr. Hansen, but once they saw Jessica, Dr. Hansen (which is what we are calling her since her real name has still not been revealed) broke the glass of one of the tanks sending the crowds running from the building and giving them a chance to get away.

The beginnings of Hellcat

After breaking things off with Griffon she’s been spending a lot more time experimenting with this combat drug. While Trish is on this drug all of her senses are heightened – everything is a lot more crisp and she feels ready to go out and see if she can dispense her own brand of justice. Once she has her moment in the sun where she kicks a guy in the chest straight off a bus for touching a woman she is empowered and we know that she’s not done with this drug by a long shot, but when she loses the drug things quickly unravel for her. When Malcolm finds the drug (which looks like an inhaler) he brings it to her apartment and after taking a hit she and Malcolm finally hook up! It wasn’t the grand hook up we’ve been waiting for since it had to take Trish being on drugs to make it happen. If anyone’s going to be able to help Trish get off this combat drug, it will probably be Malcolm.

A new lead

Jessica and Trish head to a pawn shop that has a camera on the corner by the aquarium. When they talk to the owner they learn that he’s in the country illegally and while he wants to help he’s afraid of deportation as the show once again touches on another hot topic in the news all the time. Eventually she is able to convince him to show her the tape and she sees Dr. Karl drug Dr. Hansen and put her in the car. They start to think that it’s possible that Dr. Karl has some kind of mind control, which would make a lot of sense since Dave was convinced to confess to a crime he didn’t commit and now it seems he is controlling Dr. Hansen. We’ve already watched that story play out with Jessica last season and we don’t think this show just wants to give us a repeat of what we already watched.

Jessica notices from the pictures she’s taken that Dr. Karl is wearing a wedding ring, but Malcolm points out that it’s actually a University class ring, of the University he dropped out of, so they have a new lead! Malcolm goes to check that out, but because of how he left the University it’s not going to be a welcomed homecoming. He had a full ride at the school, including a cute girlfriend who’s heart he broke and it was all tossed away because of his drug habit. When he sees her at the university he makes his peace with her all the while lifting her school pass. He comes back with some information including the fact that a man named Justis (who went to the same University) is paying of all of Dr. Karl’s expenses.

After speaking to Justis she starts to understand why he is paying for Dr. Karl. He had a son that wasn’t expected to live past 5 years old, but because of Dr. Karl’s not exactly legal procedures his son is graduating university and is in great health, but allegedly no superpowers. She tells him that Dr. Karl is using one of his patients to murder people because he’s burying anything that could expose him. Justis calls Dr. Karl and warns him of Jessica’s visit but after Jessica pays Justis’ son a visit, he tells Jessica where to find Dr. Karl.

She heads to the address given to her by Justis and in true Jessica fashion tells no one that she’s going, so if anything happens to her there she’s a ghost. When she gets there Dr. Karl and Dr. Hansen decide to tell Jessica that this women is actually Jessica’s mother and that she survived the car crash. So our real question is, who’s cremated remains has Jessica been holding onto all this time and will Jessica buy what they are selling?

Hogarth and Inez

Inez tells Hogarth that she only worked at IGH for a few days before she was attacked and she only worked with the other nurse, never even knew the doctor’s names. The other nurse said that they were developing a new technique to speed up the healing process, but she didn’t know much about the actual process which is all Hogarth really wants to know. With Inez not giving Hogarth what she wants she tells Jessica that she wants her out of her apartment in 24 hours, leading to Inez looking to steal a few things to leave on her own, but when she runs across Hogarth’s ALS medication she takes pause and realizes what Hogarth was really after. Inez tells Hogarth that there was another patient there, a boy and he had the power of healing. After Inez’s attack, this boy healed her and is the reason she can walk at all.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The mother reveal… we are not totally sold on it at this point and are hoping that if this is really Jessica’s mother that more will be flushed out in the episodes to come. If this is her mother we expect Jessica’s fears of becoming a murderous monster will only accelerate and if Dr. Karl is influencing her mother, will he have a way to influence Jessica’s mind as well? We really hope not since we don’t want to just watch a repeat of last season. Not our favorite episode of the season, but even a so-so episode of Jessica Jones is still pretty good.

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