Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 7 review: Marius, Gina and a buffalo con

sneaky peteMarius and Maggie were in huge trouble when we last saw them on Sneaky Pete. Luca murdered Joe, he’s mad at Frank for tailing the wrong guy all this time and he wants Maggie to give him back his money. A mad Luca isn’t a Luca that anyone wants to see, especially after what we saw him do to Joe’s face in this last episode.

So where is Luca’s money?

Maggie tells the story of how after Reggie got shot that they went to the casino and found a hollow statue of a buffalo and stored the money inside (which explains why Maggie had Pete stay at the casino when she called him). When Luca says he wants to go and get the money, Marius tells Luca that the FBI are not only watching him, but that they tried to get Marius and Maggie to help capture him. When Luca asks why they didn’t work with the FBI, he tells the truth – that Maggie had a vision that the only way to get out of this whole thing alive was to get the money back to Luca and that was their plan. Luca gives Marius and Maggie 24 hours to figure out how to get the money out of the Buffalo (with Frank as their shadow of course).

Marius knows he needs to build a crew to get to this money, so the first person he goes to is Gina. After what happened to Gavin we are pretty sure she’s not going to want to work with Marius and even more so Frank when she finds out he’s part of this. Marius spins this as more then just the job or the money – that this is about revenge and with that Gina is in and they are able to quickly lose Frank.

When they get to the casino, Gina and Marius get Pete arrested saying that he’s a fugitive so he’s no longer a part of the equation. Pete later finds out that he’s actually not a fugitive at all and figures out that Marius has been conning him.

Marius and Gina find the buffalo, but it’s in a pretty public space. After a pretty fun con involving the threat of a beetle infestation they get one hour with the Buffalo. Just as Marius is about to cut into the Buffalo, Maggie shows up telling security that Marius is a con artist and ruining it all, but this is only the beginning of the problems for this crew. Now Maggie doesn’t want to give Luca the money back saying that she’s had a new vision where they keep the money. Frank is with Maggie and is not letting any of them off the hook, ready to bring them all back to Luca for an acid bath, but then Pete shows up, seeing his mom for the first time in years. There are so many cooks in this kitchen and no one wants to work together.

Taylor’s troubles

He knows that the NYC detective has sent Audrey’s blood to her office back home and by the end of the week they will have a complete DNA profile. Audrey wants to turn herself in hoping that she can absolve the rest of the family, but Taylor has told her everyone’s implicated, so he needs to figure something else out. His first step is to find the gun that killed Winslow. After scouring the river with a homeless man that lives under the bridge, eventually the man gives Taylor the gun saying that he found it the night before. So what is Taylor’s plan? He wants to bury the gun with the house painter that Otto hired than call in a tip.

Otto and the proclamation

After the house painter’s sons stole the proclamation from Moe (and beat him so badly that he was hospitalized), Otto feels a debt to Moe and wants to get that proclamation back. He visits Luis, (who is the person who set Otto up with the house painter in the first place) and tells him everything that happened in hopes that Luis can convince the son to give the proclamation back, but Luis claims that he doesn’t know anything about the son, not even his name. Luckily Otto took down the son’s licence plate and he and Sam are on their next adventure together. They find out where he lives and that his name is Colin (which is good for us too so we can stop calling him the house painter’s son!).

Julia the babysitter

After having no other real options, she decides to post the half a million dollar bond for Luis’ friend Valerie in exchange for him laundering the rest of Dockery’s money. While Valerie¬†seems like she is happy to stay home and watch television with Julia, what she doesn’t know is that the house painter’s son took a piece of paper from his father’s coat and it has the name of his next job on it… and it’s Valerie. Pretending to go to the kitchen to look for batteries, Valerie sneaks out the back door and takes off on Julia. When Julia finds her Valerie tells her that Luis bonded her out to have her killed because she was skimming money from Luis.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

This was a really fun con to watch Marius and Gina pull off and now that we have this really weird group of people together that all are after the money (all for different reasons) we aren’t sure how they are going to pull this off. To make matters even more complicated for the group, Marius, Maggie and Gina are all banned from the casino and the Buffalo is now on display right in the middle of it. This is a caper we can’t wait to see unfold.

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