Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 8 review: Pete’s family reunion

Sneaky PeteSneaky Pete has set us up for a really intense last few episodes of season 2 and we couldn’t be more excited to see how it all plays out. Right now we are all in on how in the world Marius is going to get that 11 million out of the buffalo that is in the middle of a casino he’s banned from. The group that is working together to get that money, pretty much all hate each other or at the very least don’t trust one another and they all have different reasons for being there. Some are there to get the money for themselves, some are there to get the money back to Luca and some are there for revenge. Let’s see how Marius gets out of this one.

Pete is pissed

Needless to say, Pete is furious that Marius stole his identity and that his family thinks that Marius is him. The whole part of this that we are not looking forward to is that once the Bernhardt’s find out that Marius isn’t Pete that will end most of his connections there and as much as we like the cons, we love his interactions with them and the bonds that he’s built. The more mad that Pete gets about Marius getting close to his family the more that Marius and Maggie realize that they have a serious problem if they can’t control Pete.

They offer to give him whatever he wants and what he wants is to go to the farm and see his family – which they grant him. Pete introduces himself as Marius and has a chance to spend some time with everyone, but it’s really difficult for him to contain his excitement at seeing his family again after so long. More then that Otto and Audrey immediately feel a connection with him.

We understand not being able to contain Pete, but this was a very risky move on the part of Marius and Maggie – especially since everyone’s lives are on the line and Pete is not great at conning anyone. Things at the dinner unravel quickly as everyone, but Otto is suspicious of Maggie and Marius. This dinner really put them under a microscope and again we have to wonder why they would ever put themselves in this situation when they are so close to the money.

When Audrey starts calling out all the pieces of the puzzle that she’s put together she tells Maggie and Marius that if they don’t come clean about what’s going on they have to leave. There was a moment here where we thought Pete was just going to come clean about it all, but instead Maggie gets them all to leave.

The casino, the buffalo and the money

Marius brings in Porter, who tells Marius that to make something like this work, they need a second buffalo and they need to cut the visibility on this buffalo in half because right now it has 360 degrees of visibility. Maggie and Marius work their first real con together on an antiques dealer who has a stuffed buffalo in his shop and it was nice to see them working together. They don’t have chemistry that’s off the charts like when we see Marius and Julia running a con, but these two are starting to find their footing. As we suspected, Maggie isn’t only using her “gift” as a medium to know everything about her target, she knows how to read a room, much like Marius does and it’s her idea that gets the antique dealer to give up the buffalo.

The Bernhardt’s are all up to speed.

After going to Colin’s house, Sam sees the proclamation and takes it, but their troubles aren’t over since Colin is staking out their bail bond office. At the bail bond office Otto and Sam show up just as Colin is threatening Julia and Audrey about Valerie’s whereabouts. Now everyone in that group is up to speed on what’s happening including that Valerie is in the same storage facility that Maggie robbed – that’s right Audrey did some digging and found out that the gun range Pete robbed was connected to Maggie’s storage facility robbery.

Covering up the crime

Taylor is ready to execute his plan: Planting the Winslow murder weapon on the house painter, but to do that he needs Lance since he’s the one that buried the body and knows where it is. Unfortunately after looking for the grave for hours, Lance can’t remember exactly where it is and Taylor is back to ground zero. Otto comes up with the idea of planting the gun at Colin’s place since he would be believable as a suspect, while Julia works over Dockery and Audrey and Carly look into Maggie and Marius.

Julia tells Dockery what’s happened with Luis, his money, Valerie, all of it, but what she didn’t see coming was that Luis was also there while she was laying it all out. Dockery and Luis are on the same page – let Luis kill Valerie, Julia still gets the bond no matter if Valerie is alive or dead and Dockery gets his money laundered leaving Julia free of all of this mess at the end of it.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

This was a really intense episode and having Pete out of prison has caused a lot more problems than it’s solved for Marius. While we really love this season so far, the one thing we have had a really difficult time buying into is Marius freeing Pete from prison in the first place. We understand that he was at a road block with finding Maggie and wasn’t sure what else to do, but then have a fail safe for this kind of situation like when Pete goes off the rails and is uncontrollable. Instead maybe actually break Pete out of prison so when he needs to go back in they can take care of that by calling in a tip.

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