Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 9 review: Taylor and Shannon’s affair exposed

Taylor Sneaky PeteWe are rounding the end of Sneaky Pete season 2 already (doesn’t it go by so fast when a show is as good as this one is?) and there are a lot of loose ends left to tie up. Things are closing in on Audrey becoming a major suspect in the Winslow murder and the family is working together to make sure that doesn’t happen. On the other side of things, Marius, Maggie and a rather strange group of criminals are all trying to get to the buffalo in the middle of a casino that’s stuffed full of Luca’s money.

Family plans

Audrey knows something is off with Marius and Maggie and her only real lead right now is Marjorie. She knows that she has an accent, owns a bookstore and played Maggie when she and Marius ran that con on Lance last season, so that’s where she’s going to start.

Taylor has broken into Colin’s house and planted the gun in one of his drawers, so part of the plan is executed. He then sends in an anonymous tip, but none of this matters since the blood sample has been tested and has come back as that of an older woman. The NYC detective is asking for a voluntary DNA sample from Audrey.

Julia is trying to deal with the Valerie situation, but when she goes to the storage unit she finds that Valerie has escaped. Valerie has called her friend Wendy to come and get her but Colin has been watching Wendy and is trying to get her to give up Valerie’s location. Unfortunately for Julia this is the least of her worries since Dockery’s guy knows where she is and is coming for her.

Shannon and Taylor caught

We haven’t seen a lot of Shannon and Taylor together since they realized that Sean might be on to them, but after seeing Taylor and the detective having lunch together Shannon asks Taylor to meet her at a bar. When Taylor gets there instead of meeting Shannon, Sean is there. Shannon realized that Sean might be tailing her and decided not to come in, but now we have the confrontation between Sean and Taylor that everyone’s been waiting for.

Sean gets Taylor to admit that he’s having sex with his wife, but he already pretty much knew that, so it’s not exactly what Sean wants out of this. He suspected that Shannon was waiting for the Hartford deal to go through so that when she divorced Sean she would get a big pay day (Sean is perceptive on that one too), but he tells Taylor that Shannon needs to look at the paperwork that Sean has from when he took the business over. The bond business is a separate entity and is not subject to community property statutes meaning Shannon will get nothing if she leaves him. Sean feels confident that she will stay where the money is.

The buffalo con gone awry

Things are starting to move forward with the con to get the money out of the buffalo, but when the manager of the casino reveals that she is bringing in someone from the Smithsonian to authenticate the buffalo the next day their time line gets even tighter. When Katie drops out, they have no one else other than Pete to play the part of a reporter to have the manager of the casino distracted while the crew gets to work. The problem is, Pete is no con-man and in fact he’s a bit of a wreck.

Once Marius finishes coaching Pete, he gives him a laxative to spike the managers drink with, promising that he will be in Pete’s ear the whole time by radio, telling him what to say. Everything goes just about as badly as you would think. Pete spills out the managers water before he can spike it, then drops his ear piece on the ground and steps on it before she returns. As it turns out once he’s on his own, he’s able to make a connection with her over their shared love of working out. This quickly turns into something a bit more sexual, but once he gets a chance to put the laxative in her drink he still goes for it as much as we can see he doesn’t want to. The plan is starting to roll out but it’s not fully executed yet.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

There was a lot of fun aspects about this episode and seeing the casino con start to come together was definitely a highlight. They are so close to that money we can practically taste it ourselves! We are more then a little concerned though about Audrey going to jail after the detective asked Taylor to get a voluntary DNA sample from his grandmother. This detective is so close to discovering everything and with only one episode left we are concerned that we are going to see Audrey in one of those orange jumpsuits next season.

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