Sneaky Pete season 2 finale review: Did Marius get the money?

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Well here we are, the Sneaky Pete season 2 finale. What a crazy fun ride it’s been and we still have so many loose ends left to tie up that we don’t know how they are going to make all of this come together. We are nervous and excited to move into the finale, but also ready to see how it all ends.

Did the Casino con work?

Seems like the whole gang is at the casino at this point, including the FBI and Luca. We don’t want to get into the details of the con and how it all worked because to watch it was pure magic. Needless to say they were able to pull it off and everyone had a part to play in making sure it all happened (including Luca who lead the FBI away from the casino). All of this to learn that the buffalo was never the storage place of the money and Luca got screwed out of his money once again.

So where is the money if it’s not in the buffalo? Luca starts to put some of the pieces together, like why did Maggie rent a locker from Luca for Julia at the same storage facility she robbed in the first place… because she wanted to get the code to get in. The money never left the storage facility and now it’s a race for everyone to get to the storage facility to get the money.

The first person there is Maggie and she pulls all of the money out of the wall in Luca’s own office. By the time Marius shows up, the whole gang is there, Maggie, Frank, Luca, Gina, everyone and needless to say Luca is really pissed off. Marius admits to Luca that he figured out days ago that the money was still in the storage facility after Maggie stopped him from opening up the buffalo and then subsequently bought a locker at this same storage facility for Julia. If Marius was just a few minutes faster, he would’ve had the money, but because Maggie was conning Marius they are all looking at taking an acid bath. Before Luca can kill anyone Frank shoots Luca as revenge for killing Joe. Before Frank can kill Marius for his part in Joe’s death Frank takes a hammer to the chest and he’s dead too.

So did all this death result in Marius getting the cash? Those pesky FBI agents that we’ve been complaining about all season swooped in and arrested almost everyone (Maggie was let go) and took the cash as well. Turns out those FBI agents were part of the crew and drove the money, Gina and Marius back to the facility. Once they get back and start to unpack the money they learn that Maggie did the switch on them and the boxes they got are filled with stacks of ones, not hundreds.

When Marius calls Maggie she tells him that her vision had never changed and that the only way to get out of this whole thing alive is to give the money back to Luca. Maggie drags Luca to sit beside his acid bath and watch as all of his 11 million dollars disintegrate in the acid bath for what he did to Reggie. This was never about the money for Maggie, it was all about revenge, but couldn’t she have still had revenge and also been filthy stinking rich with Luca’s money?

Once the con was over and Pete and Maggie were back at the farm with Audrey we expected them to come clean with everything and they almost did. Pete told Audrey everything except that he is her grandson and we honestly don’t understand why that needed to remain a secret any more. The money is gone, there’s no reason to protect Marius and there’s nothing left to hide. Why continue to keep up the Pete charade? He said it was to not cause any more turmoil in her life, but isn’t leaving Marius in his family’s life what caused all this turmoil in the first place? We didn’t buy into this, not for one moment and this is when things unraveled for us.

The Bernhardt family troubles

Colin is on his way to the storage unit to get Valerie… where Julia is as well as Dockery’s man. There’s just a lot of big bad messes happening at the storage facility and we have to wonder why Valerie hasn’t left there yet!? Tehy tried to sell us on the fact that it’s the safest place for her and she knows it, but then why leave the locker at all which is even safer?

Valerie and Julia have locked themselves back up in the storage unit while they wait for Taylor to come and help , but in the meantime Colin is trying to break into it. This is where things get kind of weird and the show lost us for a while: After Colin blows the lock off the door, Julia jams it so it won’t open. Dockery’s guy shows up at the same locker using Pete as bait to get her to open it. Then Otto shows up with a gun telling everyone to drop their weapons, which they do letting Pete, Julia and Valerie get away while Otto holds Colin and Dockery’s guy. Otto reveals to Colin that Dockery’s guy is the one that killed his dad and a fight breaks out giving Otto time to walk away as these two eventually kill each other. As we said, this was a very weird scene with a lot of moving parts that didn’t come together the way they should’ve.

As for Audrey and the DNA results, Taylor’s gun plant and anonymous tip saved his grandmother from gong to jail and all is well in Whoville, but it was nice to hear the detective spell out how she thinks it really happened and get every detail right. Because she likes Taylor and Winslow was dirty she’s going to go with the cover story Taylor put together. Taylor’s troubles are not over though, Shannon tells Taylor that while she loves him she’s not ready to leave Sean yet because she thinks that she can be the inside person to help his family out with the Hartford deal. Taylor calls that out as BS since there’s no way Sean is ever going to trust her again to give her anything useful. This relationship seems to be at an end – maybe Taylor should’ve hooked up with that NYC detective after all?

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

This was a really strong season, with some incredibly complicated cons and moments that had us fully invested, but this ending isn’t exactly sitting well with us. We remember finishing season 1 and being so wowed that we went right back to the beginning and watched it all over again. The whole con about the buffalo and the money never being in it was a fantastic reveal, but as soon as they all ended up at the storage facility the show lost us for a few moments. Also Pete not revealing to Audrey who he was and thinking her life is better with them thinking Marius is Pete was the worst. Pete knows Marius is a con man that’s done terrible things to put his family in jail, we don’t believe for a second that Pete wouldn’t tell them the truth.

Luckily they won us back with that brilliant reveal about the FBI agents being part of the con – we did not see that coming. Of course Marius didn’t end up with the money or we’d expect him to be living out the rest of his days on a beach somewhere never to be heard of again. Then we wouldn’t have Sneaky Pete season 3 and that would be tragic. The big cliffhanger that we were left with is that Julia has met with Mr. Success to find out if Pete is really Marius meanwhile Marius is headed back to the farm to face the family.

What did you think of the Sneaky Pete season 2 finale? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts on the season and tell us if it lived up to your expectations.

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