Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 5 review: Is Audrey a suspect in Winslow murder?

Audrey sneaky pete season 2When we last saw Marius on Sneaky Pete season 2, he and Joe were being held at gun point by a psychic that helped let Maggie escape. The thing we found the most interesting about it though was that this psychic mentioned Marius’ brother Eddie and even that he’s missing a toe! It’s the first mention of him we’ve had all season and hopefully it won’t be the last.

Marius exposed

For all the build up with the psychic and the shotgun it really ended up being a big nothing burger. She fell asleep and Joe grabbed a gun and took Marius to go meet Frank where they put him in a car to go and see Luca. When they see a car following them from Rosedale, they realize that Maggie may still be there so once they lose the tail Frank goes back to deal with that while Joe continues on with Marius to see Luca.

Being in as deep of trouble as Marius is, when he finds a chance to call for help he reaches out to Marjorie. She pretends to be Pete’s mother to help con Joe into thinking that she’s at the motel in Bridgeport. Joe takes the bait and heads back to the motel only to run into Mr. Success who is there to bring Marius back to jail for parole violation after Marjorie calls him in as Marius asked him to.

Mr. Success is willing to give Marius another chance, if he takes him to meet his step daughter and immediately we think he’s got two choices here: Gina or Carly. What we didn’t see coming was that he had a third choice and that was to call Julia to play his ex-girlfriend (she has two kids) and we get another great scene between them as they fight in front of Mr. Success and sell their story. It all goes well until Mr. Success calls Marius by his last name in front of Julia. She buys his silly story about the name, but we all know that Carly knows that name too so if Carly and Julia ever compare stories, they might figure it all out.

Frank learns that Maggie is gone, but he knows what car she’s driving and one other piece of information that may start to unravel Marius’ whole plan. Frank was told that Maggie was headed out to find her son, but he thinks that’s odd because Maggie left “her son” behind with Joe and Frank. Add to that the psychic saying that Pete has a brother missing a toe, when Joe knows that Pete doesn’t have a brother and they are both starting to feel that Marius was telling the truth when they first snatched him, that he’s not really Pete.

Audrey the suspect

Taylor tells Audrey that because she went back to the scene of the crime, the farmer who saw her told Taylor and the NYC detective that she was there. Not only that but the detective found Winslow’s badge at another location opening up a different crime scene and a whole new slew of possibilities that can implicate the family.

Audrey thinks that she’s taken care of the situation. She crashed her truck into a similar car so that the head lights are smashed and the paint color in her grill is the same. She tells Taylor that she even filed a report to make sure it’s on the record, but it doesn’t make him feel any better. Really she’s just losing her mind a bit.

Things get even worse for Audrey when the detective runs the paint chips on Winslow’s car and gets the make and model of the car that hit it. We all know that Audrey hit his car and that she owns the same make and model so it’s only a matter of time now before she’s found out, unless Taylor can figure something out.

When only three people come up owning the same car (one of them being Audrey of course) Taylor suggests to the detective that they head over to his grandmother’s to look at her car so that they have a better idea of what kind of car they are looking for. After speaking to Audrey it’s clear that the detective has her suspicions. These two clearly need Marius’ help to get out of this and after he helped Audrey with the Lance scam last season we’re surprised they haven’t reached out to him for help.

Julia can’t catch a break

Now that she’s found Lance (who was hiding out with the woman he had an affair with), he’s found a buyer for the bogus land that he sold Audrey and is using that to launder Dockery’s cash. She goes to tell Dockery that the job is done and she thinks she’s in the clear, but he’s asking her to do this one more time for him and this time it’s a half a million dollars. He won’t take no for an answer and she realizes she’s trapped. Also, are we the only ones that see a little bit of chemistry between Julia and Dockery???

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

The big cliffhanger at the end with Maggie showing up at the farm with the whole family there (including Marius) made our heart sink until she called him Pete and hugged him. She knows that he’s not Pete, so she obviously has a bigger plan and it has to involve getting her hands on that 11 million dollars. Are these two going to team up to get the cash? Things are getting very interesting!

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