Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 6 review: Maggie’s homecoming, meet Luca

sneaky pete 2We have just passed the half way point of Sneaky Pete season 2 and things are in a very weird place. We are happy that Pete is back with the Bernhardt family since for us this is when the show works the best, but what we didn’t expect was to see Maggie show up at the farm and pretend that Marius is her son even though she knows he’s not. We immediately think that she’s playing a con of her own to get Marius to help her find that 11 million dollars.

Maggie’s homecoming

Most people in the family are happy to see Maggie, but Taylor is suspicious of her motivations and tells her that if she or Marius/Pete hurt the family anymore then they already have that they will have him to deal with. She insists that she only came back because Pete/Marius reached out and told her about Otto’s stroke.

When Otto has a moment to talk to Maggie alone, he learns that way back in the day after Audrey called the police on Maggie (she stole enough money to bankrupt Audrey and Otto to bail out a boyfriend and then ran off to California), Pete was put into foster care and Otto feels tremendous guilt for not stopping Audrey from calling in Maggie’s crime. While Otto is happy that Pete and Maggie are back, Audrey is starting to put some pieces together and they are not adding up. She is suspicious of Pete and Maggie’s arrival back at the farm after everything that’s happened – much like Taylor is.

When Maggie and Marius have a few moments alone he presses her about what happened at the storage facility that day the 11 million dollars was stolen. She tells him that when they hit that place they found a small key taped to the bottom of a drawer for locker 237 and when they opened it they found 11 million dollars hidden inside. When Pete couldn’t keep the security guard from coming back, the whole crew was shot, killing two of the men and injuring Reggie. When Pete didn’t show up at the meet up, she put on a disguise and got Reggie some help. Later she saw Luca and two of his men show up at the hospital and Reggie was dead. She tells Marius that she assumed that Reggie told Luca where the money was and didn’t realize that he hadn’t until Marius showed up.

All Marius cares about is where the money is, but she tells him that she’s done with that life and that she’s going to take that money straight back to Luca, regardless of how much Marius wants to get his hands on it.

Meet Luca

Ever since we first heard about Luca and how crazy he is we’ve been dying to meet him and we finally had a chance in this episode… and he’s every bit as crazy as we hoped that he would be. He’s pissed off with Frank and Joe for their many flubs on finding Maggie, losing Pete and still not having his 11 million dollars. He wants the guys to go to the Bernhardt farm, tie up the family and burn the house to the ground knowing that this will draw Maggie and Pete out of hiding and straight to Luca.

When they get to the family farm to burn it down, they see Marius and Maggie inside and decide on a different play. They wait until Marius and Maggie are at the hotel and grab them to take them to Luca. When they all get there Luca gets straight to making his point and it all starts with throwing acid in Joe’s face before having a bullet put in his head for thinking about coming after him. Luca is also pissed off that Joe and Frank had the wrong guy from the start thinking that Marius was Pete and getting conned for as long as they did by a man that was coming to steal Luca’s money.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

Our biggest question about Maggie at this point is if she’s actually a medium or if she is just a really great con woman that can read people like a book. More then anything this was an episode about the Bernhardt family and a lot of the missing pieces fit into place with this episode. It may not have been the most exciting episode filled with brilliant cons, but it was one of the more important episodes of the season if you are invested in the Bernhardt’s like we are.

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