Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 4 review: Did Marius find Maggie?

sneaky peteEverything is going sideways for the Bernhardt family right now on Sneaky Pete season 2. Julia is still trying to find a way to launder Dockery’s money, Audrey’s blood may have been found in Winslow’s car, Taylor’s affair with Shannon has been found out by Sam and Otto has been confronted by the house painter’s son. The only person that seems to be doing okay is Carly who we last saw outside of Pete and Marius’ hotel room trying to figure out what her cousin is up to.

Carly’s pizza delivery service

After pretending to be a pizza delivery person, she finds Pete in his motel room and recognizes him from his mug shot.  She calls Taylor to come to the motel saying that she’s found Marius. When he shows up they get into an argument in the parking lot and when Pete sees a cop he calls Marius right away. Marius realizes that Carly is snooping and calls her cell phone, only to find it under his car seat. When Marius gets to the motel he is able to diffuse the situation with Taylor, but Carly is still suspicious.

Marius looks for Maggie

After the situation at the motel with Carly and Taylor, Marius gives Pete some money tells him to go to Sedona to find his mom (Marius knows that she’s long gone from Sedona and is maybe in Rosedale). This is the first really weird move that Marius has made – what makes Marius think that Pete is really going to go looking for his mom and not just head straight back to his grandparents house? It’s the first place he went when he got out of jail, not to go look for Maggie. This was such a huge risk for Marius that we don’t exactly believe in. Having Pete out in the wind, and hoping he doesn’t show back up at the farm is way too big of a risk for Marius to take.

In the meantime, Marius sees Frank and Joe in the motel parking lot, gets in their car and tells them to drive… he’s taking them to where he thinks Maggie is. He reveals to Frank and Joe that Maggie thinks she’s psychic and that there’s a place in Buffalo (Rosedale) that has a large new age culture and that’s where he thinks she is.

Since Maggie knows what Frank looks like and they don’t want to spook her, Joe goes with Marius to pretend that they are mediums looking to join the Rosedale community. Joe really sucks at being a con man and Marius ends up having to go at this alone.

After meeting with the board of mediums, Marius is able to pass their first test, but they aren’t convinced that he has psychic powers. Marius starts asking around about one of the mediums he thinks might be his mom, and finds out that she left Rosedale a month previous. Realizing he’s in trouble, Marius takes the first opportunity he has to run from Joe.

Later he learns that some of the mediums have assistants and thinks he may have narrowed it down to one assistant that turns out to be Maggie. When they have a frank conversation about the money and the men that are after her, she tells him that she doesn’t have the money and that she thought that the people she stole it from found it when she was in Sedona and that this was all over. She tells Marius that she doesn’t want her family to pay for her mistakes and that she wants Marius to take her to Frank and Joe, but really she’s run out the back door and another medium now has Marius captive.

Otto’s adventures in house painting

He takes the house painter’s son to his father’s car, but  when they get there, it’s been stolen and a homeless man gives a description of someone Otto is familiar with. Otto drives them to a car chop shop that’s being run by a Rabbi that he once helped get a bond for one of his guys. The car is there but what he’s looking for is his father’s jacket that was in the car and is now gone.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

So far we have really enjoyed the season, but this was one of the weaker episodes for us. We love seeing Marius pull cons and watching him con a bunch of psychics was a lot of fun, but for us this show works best when Marius is with the Bernhardt’s and so far this season we haven’t seen a lot of that. It was nice though to hear a mention of Eddie for the first time when a medium tells Marius about his brother’s missing toe – it would be nice to gt an update on him.

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