Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 3 review: Pete shares the story of his mother

Sneaky Pete season 2We are only into episode 3 of Sneaky Pete season 2, but already we are terrified for Marius – even more so then we were last season when he was up against Vince. The real Pete Murphy is out of prison, but it didn’t go according to plan and now Marius has no idea where Pete is. Could he be heading home for a family reunion? Things are not looking good for Marius and the clock is running out on finding Pete’s mom Maggie as well as the 11 million dollars.

Pete’s story

So where did Pete go with his new found freedom? Not surprisingly, Pete went straight to his grandparents house. Before he knocks, Marius is shows up and is able to convince him to get in the car and drive away, but not without snoopy Carly seeing them drive away.

Marius is able to convince Pete that his whole family is in danger and that he is a fugitive so he needs to lay low. He gets him up to speed on Frank, Joe, the money and his mother (leaving out a few convenient details like how he’s stolen his identity). Feeling helpless, Marius is able to convince a very scared Pete to tell him exactly what he and his mother did to get everyone in this situation.

Here is Pete’s story: He and his mom ran a scam where they would wait for wealthy owners to leave and then they would rob their homes. They then moved on to storage facilities scouting this one in particular where the guard left every day for one hour to eat his lunch. So the day they robbed it, Pete followed the guard so he could warn them if he came back while they were robbing the place. When his mother calls him and tells him that they need more time, Pete follows him into what he thinks is a gun store, but it’s also a gun range. He goes to the bathroom to prepare to hold the place up and when he comes out and sticks the place up, the guard is gone and instead he’s facing a lot of customers with guns that are a lot more confident with them than he is.

Pete thinks that the guard went back to the storage facility and everyone was killed, but Marius tells him that the news said that 2 people escaped – a man and a woman, but Pete reveals that his mom took bullets during the shoot out and died on the run – Marius is convinced that he’s lying.

Marius and Marjorie play another con on Pete to try to get him to give up some information about his mom, but he won’t budge and feels like something is off. Marjorie closes the deal telling Pete that she knows he’s lying about his mom, that they have Marius and if he doesn’t give her up they are going to kill Marius.

Just to show that she’s serious, Marjorie brings Pete to a cube van where Marius is tied up and bloodied. After a pretty great display, Pete gives up that he knows his mom is alive and the town that she’s in, but that he hasn’t heard from her in years.

Marius asks Julia if she’s ever looked for Maggie and she tells him that after Otto had his stroke she asked Sam to look into it. He found her and put her on a plane to Buffalo, but after that no one knows where she is. Once Marius narrows down her location he shares his findings with Marjorie, but she has some not so great news for him. The 11 million belongs to a man named Luca Delchev and he was the owner of the storage facility that Pete’s mom held up. Luca is the worst of the worst once making a man drink acid over $10,000… what’s he going to do to Marius and Marjorie over 11 million? With that news, Marjorie tells Marius that she is out and Pete’s on his own.

Carly P.I.

Carly has always been the one person that just doesn’t trust everything that Marius says so when she sees him drag Pete into a car at 3 am and drive away she reaches out to him to find out what’s going on. Marius meets with her and tells her that Pete is a recovering addict that needed his help. Really this is all just a ruse so that Carly can plant a GPS in Marius’ car to figure out what’s really going on. When she sees Pete and Marius together she realizes that she’s seen Pete’s face before – last season when she went on Taylor’s computer.

The house painter

If you thought the story with the house painter was over because Otto and Sam moved the car think again. There’s a man looking for him, someone that has a recorded conversation between the house painter and Otto. After putting a beating on Moe, he still won’t give up the identity of the other caller, but this man is not giving up that easily. After putting Moe in the hospital, Otto shows up to try to see him, instead he runs into the man that’s been looking for Otto… this man is the house painter’s son.

Audrey’s troubles

With the glass in police evidence maybe being her broken headlight, she goes on the hunt to replace hers, but getting her headlight fixed is not even the worst of her troubles. When the NYC detective is doing some investigative work with Taylor on Winslow’s car, she notices some blood on the passengers side that is likely Audrey’s. After testing it, this detective learns that it’s not Winslow’s and that there was someone else in the car.

Julia’s negotiations

After digging deeper into the person Luis wants bonded, Julia realizes that she can’t give this woman a bond since she is a very high flight risk and the bond is half a million dollars which will end the family business if she runs. She tells Luis who then says he won’t launder her money, so she calls Pete for help. He agrees to help telling her to take worthless properties from Audrey, sell them to Dockery who will then sell them to Lance. Unfortunately Lance has cleared out his house and is in the wind… good thing Julia is a skip tracer.

An affair exposed

Sam follows Shannon to a hotel where she waits for Taylor. When Taylor shows up later that evening Sam stops him telling him that he can’t go in to that hotel. Taylor knows they’ve been caught – at least by Sam, but he’s willing not to tell Sean as long as Taylor doesn’t go into that hotel, otherwise he has to expose them.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

It was nice to see more of Pete with the Bernhardt family again, it was a dynamic that we’ve been really missing so far this season. We’ve seen him a little bit with Julia, but this episode brought us more of him working with Julia and spending some time with Carly too after she saw Marius drag Pete into a car at 3 am and drive away from the farm. One thing we will say is that Carly has a serious amount of freedom for being a 15 year old girl!

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