Sneaky Pete season 2 episode 2 review: Pete’s prison break

Sneaky PeteThe Sneaky Pete season 2 premiere really set up the game for us. There is 11 million dollars missing from some crime boss that wants it back. Pete’s mother may have disappeared with it, but according to Pete his mother died 3 years ago (around the time the money went missing). Marius needs to find that money and Pete’s mother or the whole Bernhardt family is going to be killed (also he’s trying to find a way to con that money for himself and Marjorie). His plan? To get Pete out of jail and hope that he leads Marius to his mother and the money. It’s crazy, it’s unpredictable and it’s dangerous, but we are all in.

Pete’s prison break

So how are they going to get Pete out of jail in 24 hours? Marjorie heads to the prison pretending to be from the public defenders office saying that Pete was supposed to have been released 10 days ago. When the superintendent shows her the file she points out that the picture is wrong (it’s of course Marius’ picture from when he switched it last season). After the superintendent looks deeper into the issue, he realized someone switched the photos. He tells Marjorie that they need more time to look into it and she tells him that she will be calling his supervisor – Carol Jensen. This is Marius’ next play to get Pete out of jail.

Marius cons Carol into thinking that she’s going to a cafe that she’s had an impossible time getting into and that in return he wants her to use her Instagram to talk about the cafe’s food. This is all so that he can grab her security clearance badge. Once Marius gets into Carol’s office he calls up the superintendent (pretending to be from the Governor’s office) to work him up about a possible security breach, saying that they don’t want Pete’s lawyer going to court over this or worse getting the media involved. Marius tells him that he needs to just let Pete go and avoid the media circus.

When Marius manages to forge personal authorization from the commissioner’s office, the superintendent decides to release Pete. Unfortunately it doesn’t go exactly as Marius had hoped. A C.O. is worried about this shady release coming back on him so he paid another C.O. to leave Pete on the side of the road. He’s free, but Marius has no idea where he is.

Grandma and Grandpa problems

Audrey tells Taylor about her missing two headlights instead of one, scared that she lost it at the scene of the crime and that she will be tied to Winslow’s murder. Taylor says he will look in evidence to see if it’s there and tells her to go to a scrap yard and pay cash for another headlight. Not knowing what to do, Audrey drives back up to the scene of the crime to look for the headlight. Taylor on the other hand finds broken glass in the evidence box that could be the headlight. Things are not looking good for Audrey.

Otto is still trying to find a way to get the “house painters” car off the road without much success. He goes to Sam to help him with his “car trouble” and Sam helps Otto get the car towed far away from the bail bond shop. Seems like their friendship is back on track.

Are Taylor and Shannon caught?

When a person coming in to get a bail bond from Sean’s company mentions that he saw Shannon’s pink corvette and a blue car together late at night on the road, Sean get’s suspicious. When he confronts Shannon about it, she tells him that she got pulled over by Taylor for a broken tail light that she didn’t have and plays it off like Taylor is still acting like a high school bully. Shannon thinks that she’s in the clear, but Sean later asks Sam to run surveillance on his wife.

Julia’s dirty laundry

She is still trying to figure out a way to launder Dockery’s money, and when Luis calls in (he and his whole family have been bonded by the Bernhardt’s over the years) she decides to go to him for help. He offers to take care of her laundering problem if she bonds out a friend of his… who is a major flight risk.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

We mentioned this in our review of Sneaky Pete season 2, but the idea of Pete being out of jail is definitely upping the ante in this game and the fact that he’s out of jail and Marius has no idea where he is raises the stakes so high that we were holding our breath by the end of this episode. We don’t want to see Marius lose this con, but Pete on the loose is easily going to bring this house of cards tumbling down if he goes home to see his family.

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