Ink Master season 10 episode 6 review: Did zombie challenge lead to surprise exit?

Ink Master season 10 episode 6Ink Master season 10 episode 6 was one of those episodes that required you to be entertained mostly by the journey, given that it was pretty clear from the jump what was going to be happening at the tail end of it.

It was clear almost from the start of the episode (at least to CarterMatt) that we would be seeing Lil’ D sent home from the competition, especially after we started to get the edit about him being this tattooing pioneer who helped to make it easier for other artists down the road to come forward and do some of their work. We do think that he has a great story and a really awesome spirit as well — he wasn’t ever super-cocky and was eager to learn. Basically, he went home because he wanted to do something a little bit different for the zombie-themed elimination challenge rather than just doing another American traditional tattoo. The problem was just that he’d spent so much of his career applying very similar things and styles that he really couldn’t adjust on-the-fly to the competition. We liked him a lot so it’ll be sad to move forward without him.

Still, it’s an under-reported story that for all of the bluster at the start of the season, Team DJ Tambe now only has three members. Yet, those three members are Josh Payne (easily one of the best this season), Frank Ready (who’s been solid as a rock), and Deanna Smith (who has recovered from some tougher outings and seems to be in solid shape now). In terms of pure numbers, both Anthony Michaels and Steve Tefft’s teams are in better shape … but are they going to start being pulled apart now?

In general, we’re going to continue to say that Juan Salgado is the best overall artist this season. While he’s yet to win tattoo of the day, we’ve seen so much diversity from him in six episodes — he even did a zombie Japanese koi fish tonight! Jason Elliott is also very good (his pixelated mermaid was really cool), but we’re continuing to sour on Daniel Silva after a great start. No doubt he’s an exceptional talent, but he cut up his canvas tonight and his attitude is actually more arrogant than Josh (really, Josh is just more of a guy who likes to troll people).

For the second time in three weeks, it was actually Fame on Team Steve who won tattoo of the day for an awesome zombie vampire that was absolutely stunning. The only reason we’re not higher on him overall is because he was in the bottom last week.

Can we get rid of the master face-offs?

Yes, it is awesome that Steve, Anthony, and DJ can put together great tattoos under someone’s chin, a very difficult spot to tattoo (and we will be talking about Steve free-handing a portrait for the rest of our lives), yet it’s also worth noting that we already knew they were amazing. We like having them around as a part of the theme, but we’d rather see the new artists work as opposed to being reminded why they’re masters. Anthony’s win did allow his team to have the advantage, but it didn’t actually help them completely since Mike Diaz ended up being in the bottom.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The zombie challenge is probably one of our favorites this season, but we do think that this season is still lacking that big jaw-dropping moment that will have people talking. Think in terms of a meltdown at judges’ table, the Buddha/CleenRock incident from last season, or some other sort of really controversial elimination (we are aware that we can’t have Kyle Dunbar on every season, but we can dream can’t we?). Mike tattooing Anthony last week is probably the closest thing to a watercooler moment we’ve had so far.

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