Ink Master season 10 episode 7 preview: Josh Payne vs. the world

Josh Payne

It feels like the Ink Master season 10 episode 7 preview is in many ways almost identical to some of the ones that have come before it. After all, the majority of this seems to be centered around whether or not Josh Payne is getting under everyone’s skin.

At this point, it’s almost a given that he is the villain of the season — he’s the one stirring up the most trouble and to go along with that, he’s also the one who is causing the most arguments. To be fair to Josh, he’s also an insanely good artist. We think that if he wasn’t as good and continued to be such a lightning rod, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s the fact that he talks the talk and then walks the walk in the challenges that seems to be the sticking point that’s getting under everyone’s skin.

While Josh may not be the easiest person to root for this season, what he is doing seems to be working given that he is effectively stirring the pot while producing great tattoos. Right when we thought he would be in trouble tonight, he managed to turn in a good enough tattoo that whatever cuts were there weren’t enough to diminish from it all too much. We’ve seen this “trolling all the other artists” game-play in the past and it’s worked pretty much every time.

Josh is taking over so much of the narrative at the moment that next week’s preview didn’t offer much else — other than maybe Jason Elliott trying to orchestrate a possible deal between Team Anthony and Team Steve in order to ensure that Josh is properly taken out of the competition. Until that moments happens, DJ’s team is probably going to continue to be saddled with tough tattoos. That’s a direct result of how things were set up from the very beginning this season with the rankings and the three best artists, at least per those metrics, picking DJ Tambe as their mentor. They set the bar high, and with that the underdogs are all chomping at their feet.

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