How a Celebrity Big Brother season 2 could work annually

Celebrity Big Brother season 2In some of the press leading up to Celebrity Big Brotherone of the things that we heard a few times over was that the odds weren’t particularly high we’d see another season anytime soon. This was charting to be more of a once-every-four-years sort of thing, if that. It’s Olympics counter-programming and there was no guarantee whatsoever that the ratings would be good.

Now that we have seen some of the ratings, and it feels fairly clear that the show is a mixed bag. Sunday’s new episode drew a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which we would consider okay in that it’s actually a better rating than we’ve seen in that timeslot virtually all season. Even on Friday night with the two-hour live eviction show we saw the series get a 1.0 — reasonably close to recent episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver in that spot.

We do think that Chen’s assertion is right in the sense that we are probably not going to get a Celebrity Big Brother season 2 during the month of February. Yet, what’s stopping us from getting a second season of the show during a different month? Why can’t we get more of the show, for example, in January?

If the ratings hold up for the remainder of the season what we would suggest is this: Giving us a new season of the show in January. That would separate the show from the February sweeps, a time in which most networks (with the exception of during the Olympics) opt to offer up new episodes of most of their shows. CBS tends to only air a week or two of new episodes for most of their shows in January during the average year, so you could either kick off the month with some or push these episodes back into March. If you ran another Celebrity Big Brother for two and a half / three weeks, you could do that without impacting the rest of your schedule.

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Selfishly, we like this this idea, also, since it creates a little more division between this season and also Big Brother Canada. We’re basically getting these two seasons back to back this year.

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