Homeland season 7 premiere review: The drama never ends

Homeland season 7 premiere reviewThe Homeland season 7 premiere on Showtime had about a minute or two of peace at the center of the episode. Following that, everything went to hell in a handbasket. This was crazy, and more than that it was certainly entertaining. As Carrie found herself forced to deal with both personal and political struggles, even those close to her started to lose trust in her.

There were certainly some reasons to think that. Carrie hasn’t been seeing a therapist, she has amassed plenty of debt, and to go along with all of that seems to be wrapping herself up in operations that are eating away at her time. Her sister Maggie did her part to try and be supportive of her, but that changed somewhat when Carrie convinced Maggie’s daughter to lie for her and come lend her a helping hand.

After pulling this stunt, we almost expected Carrie to be thrown right out by the end of the episode. Maybe Franny is the only reason why that didn’t happen. Her life still remains in disarray regardless — even if she is the one person who can actually change things, that does not really change the fact that in the interim, she has the inside track to trying to stop President Keane from effectively destroying the country.

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Was she right about a conspiracy? Certainly, given the big reveal at the end of the episode regarding McClendon’s death. Right after he was admitted into prison, he found himself dead mere moments later. Killing off McClendon here sets the stage for a larger arc, but it does also raise the stakes for precisely what we’re going to be dealing with. Just like with season 6, we don’t need to go international for it to be clear that there is significant danger around almost every corner.

Saul’s promotion

While in prison, he found himself in a position where he could move forward and rejoin the White House in a prominent position. That was not guaranteed, though, largely because of his own demands. There wasn’t too much of a payoff within this episode to the Saul story, but we really didn’t need one since we got enough of a sense that he’s not going to be staying behind bars forever. It just wouldn’t make sense for that to be the case.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Homeland season 7 premiere brought in quite a number of important plot points, whether it be McClendon’s arrest and subsequent examination behind bars or O’Keefe’s efforts to keep fighting the good fight in his own unique way. (How great is Jake Weber in this role? Clearly, he’s one of the most underrated people on the series.)

If you love Homeland, you have to think that this is a great start for the rest of the season.

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