TV Revivals: Keeping the Agent Carter season 3 dream alive

Agent Carter season 3Is there a renewed reason to have hope for an Agent Carter season 3? In this edition of our CarterMatt TV Revivals series, we have a larger reason to investigate than ever before.

At this point, it has regrettably been a while since ABC canceled the Hayley Atwell series which was fantastic entertainment but unfortunately couldn’t pull off big ratings. There was a movement for quite some time to get a streaming service to pick up the show but it just didn’t come to pass.

Now, though, times are a-changing. In 2019, Disney is planning to launch their new over-the-top streaming service, one they are intending to use as a significant rival to Netflix and Hulu. Their plan is to showcase a wide array of family fare and a number of exclusive properties that you cannot see anywhere else. They’ll have of course a lot of classic Disney programming, but the plan is also to have originals — what better way to get some customers’ foot in the door by bringing back Agent Carter?

For starters, Agent Carter is a known commodity, and we know that there is a lot of story here that is left to tell. While you can argue that Agents of SHIELD is a show that could also potentially move, it’s had a chance to tell over 100 episodes’ worth of story on ABC and once it ends over on the network, we tend to believe that it’s done for good unless there is some other spin-off greenlit. Agent Carter never really had anywhere near the same chance. With Disney owning Marvel there’s going to be a desire to get some comic-book properties on the service and this one is not a risk. Develop your own original series, but we do think that bringing on board one with a dedicated following already is a smart choice.

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As for whether or not we do see the return of Agent Carter actually happening, it is still a long-shot. While moving the series to the Disney streaming service makes some sense, there would need to be a lot of different boxes checked off. Disney and Marvel may just decide to start a series around a fairly-popular comic-book character and have that be enough incentive for viewers to watch. They may also think that Agent Carter will practically need to be promoted like a new series at the time in which it was brought onto the air, given that at this point it will have been on hiatus for such a long stretch of time.

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