TV Revivals: Should The Closer, Longmire, White Collar, Agent Carter, or Firefly return?

TV Revivals 2018Welcome to week 2 of our TV Revivals poll series! The first week of the competition wrapped up this week with Dark Matter advancing to the final round.

The goal at the heart of the series is simply this: To figure out what show CarterMatt readers want to see back on the air! We’ve got a poll at the bottom of this article that you can vote on however much you want in between now and February 15 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time when it closes. To go along with this, we’re going to go in-depth with all of the shows below to better explain why they should return. We’ve got dates below as to when some of these in-depth articles will be published.

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Agent Carter – This cancellation still hurts for SO many reasons, with the biggest one being just that there was this whole library of stories that could have been told and there was such a rich history all around Peggy. It was great to have a Marvel period drama still set within the MCU, and we really just wonder if this was a case of a great show airing on the wrong network. Imagine had this premiered on Netflix! (Article coming February 9.)

The Closer – While we weren’t really considering this for a long time, we do wonder if the end of Major Crimes makes it possible that we could revisit the original series again at some point down the line. While it feels unlikely given TNT’s recent pattern of questionable decision-making, we know for us that there would be some excitement in getting to dive back into this world once again. (Article coming February 10.)

Firefly – The Nathan Fillion science fiction / Western hybrid remains one of the coolest, most innovative series out there with the perfect mix of action, humor, and character drama. It does feel as though it already got its revival in the form of a movie Serenity, but couldn’t there be more? (Article coming February 11.)

Longmire – We know that there has been talk about turning the series (which has already aired on both A&E and also Netflix) into movies in the future. Is now the time to get the buzz going stronger? We’re now a few months removed from the conclusion of the final season and we know that, for us, the enthusiasm for more story remains. (Article coming February 12.)

White Collar – Who doesn’t want to see Matt Bomer back as Neal Caffrey again? We had more fun covering White Collar than almost any other show out there and with that, it’d be a thrill to be able to get into this world one more time, even if it’s just for the time being. (Article coming February 13.)

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